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About: Researching Baker, Beard, Bollen, Bollinger, Breitner, Czyzewska, Davis, Gardner, Greenland, Gunning, Huffman/Hoffman, Hunt, Jabusch, Johnson, Kornmeier, Kuhn, Lutes, Nowak, Osgood, Pepple, Raber/Reber, Salter/Sortore/Sorter/Sortor, Sandman, Smith, Stout, Sturgeon, Szymanski, Throckmorton, Tilton, Timmons, Totten, Van Princess/Van Prinzen/Van Princes ...Zeppenfeld and many others!
Surnames: Johnson, Hunt, Baker, Bollinger, Beard, Gardner, Stout, Sortor, Sortore, Breitner, Timmons, Szymanski, Gunning, Totten, Kuhn, Greenland, Bollen, Czyzewska, Lutes, Osgood, Pepple, Raber

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Yes. Clarance is Clarance Poulin. The Charles Poulin in this pic is the son of Clarance and he died in the 1930 Ohio State Penitentary Fire. On the front page of the April 22, 1930 Toledo Blade,...