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Stella Adams gets her portrait taken by Hanover, PA photographer Frommeyer on the 24th of May 1900. She may be from Hanover or a nearby town like McSherrystown, New Oxford Abbotstown or the like From my collection.No other info on this person or family line.
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Mary "Mamie" Weaver with her children who served in WWII. from L to R. Her son William, who was later KIA in Korea, Her son George, Mamie, Her daughter Agnes,and her son Fred
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Thomas Perkins,state unknown, photo says Washington City ( may be from PA that is where I purchased it) Newspaper clipping on back states that he died at Confederate States military prison in Salisbury NC 12/29/1864.He was a member of the United States Telegraph Corps, and was aged 25 yrs,11 months an 10 days. I have no more info .I am a collector, not related.
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Found in an album purchased in Hellam, York Co. PA.. no photographers back mark, none of the other photos were ID'd. Assuming he was killed in battle as the mourning material was in the album pocket with his photo
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back reads 'Andrew Franklin of Burlington Kansas was in the war of 1812 Born Dec 25 1791.Was in the Mexican War Came to Kansas in 1857 from Iowa" I am NOT related to the Franklin line, just a collector of photos.Also this pic has found a home with an ancestor.
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Beautiful shot ,possibly taken in the Adirondacks of Bertha (berttia??Handwriting is hard to read but looks like to crossed 't's )sitting on a bench between the trees reading
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Albert Harris and friend on horse back .Photo taken in New York
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Believed to be Adam Becker ,my ggg grandfather,who fought in the 200th PA Regiment.His Brother Henry also served.
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This is William J Murray,QMSgt. of 115th PA Vol b.1832 (aprox)He lived in Philadelphia PA. After the war he was a clerk and was a census taker in 1880,the same year he died.
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Sheri Becker Well Obviously it is a different mine didn;t come over until AFTER the Rev war,and never left PA :-)
Jun 05, 2012 · posted to the photo William J Murray, QMSgt, 115th PA Volunteers
Sheri Becker First, by the age of some of the people in the photo, I would almost bet against them all being Civil War Veterans. I cannot enlarge the photo enough to see what the emblem on their hats is?CAn you see it?Is it GAR or SOV or POS( I may have thatone wrong) Going by the ladies dresses, this photo is probably 1880's,1890's or even early 1900's I am thinking it could be a group like Sons of The Veterans which came after GAR (Grand Army of teh Republic) which was actually for veterans. Sons started up as the veterans became older.It Still exists today. The other one I am thinking of Patriotic Order of ...I cant remember right now..If it is one of these fraternies, there are probably records somewhere
Nov 15, 2008 · posted to the photo Unknown civil war photo Scranton Pa
Sheri Becker Tintypes are just that..printed on tin..will a magnet stick to it?is it cool to the touch?By the style of clothing I would say early 1900's up through late teens early 20's ( I have pics of my great Aunts with those big bows too!)
Nov 15, 2008 · posted to the photo 4 children tintype
Sheri Becker I am pretty sure Swords Bros ,along with another photographer Eisenmann, were pretty well known for selling photos of ,and I am not trying to be mean but this is what they called them..Freaks. Many of these photos were performers who traveled w/Barnum and other shows. The style of her dress, (A little revealing for the time)makes me think performer and the medals on her chest could have easily been given on a trip abroad to perform for dignitaries. Also both those could also point to possibly being an opera singer? I have a Swords Bro of a family of Giants ( very tall men all over 7 ft) Do an internet search for the photographer and see what you come up with, or even for Barnum Performers.
Nov 15, 2008 · posted to the photo Mystery Lady
Sheri Becker nothing else was in the album,no names of any kind
Jan 15, 2004 · posted to the photo Unknown Civil War York Co PA?