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Sherri Durmis Dad tells the story of how one day Lewis Sawyers took one of his work horses to the blacksmith in around Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri. The name of the blacksmith dad could not recall. Lewis was having his horse shoed, when a man on a grey horse rode in and went to the back of the barn. He didnt come to the front where the blacksmith was and left his horse behind in the shadows. The blacksmith went to talk with the man and came back and said to Lewis "Mr. Sawyers would you mind waiting on your horse I have a gentleman back here thats in an aweful hurry?" To which Lewis said he wouldnt mind the wait. The blacksmith took care of the mans horse in the back of the barn, and when he was finished the man got on his horse and rode past Lewis. As he went by he tipped his hat and told Lewis "Thank you for waiting." After he was out of site the blacksmith told Lewis that he knew he was an honest man and that he knew that he would never let certain informations be known. And proceeded to tell Lewis that the man who had just left was Frank James. Lewis studied this on his way back home, and believed it to be true as the way the man hid himself and his horse in the shadows behind the barn.
Jan 10, 2006 · posted to the surname Sawyers
Sherri Durmis also..I have Benjamin Terry buried in Fairfax, Ok. in my file.
Nov 01, 2012 · posted to the photo Sawyers Brothers
Sherri Durmis Dad told me they called George “Steer” and Lewis Alvin “Bay Jack”, I did write that down, I only remember him referring to Benjamin Terry as Uncle Terry but Dee sounds familiar to me as well but that may have been what my Grandmother (Juanita Sawyers) called him. He wanted me to go with him to OK. for a Sawyers reunion we talked about it and he was going to find out information on it but he got sick with lung cancer and passed away 5 years ago. He also told me two of the brothers worked for an oil drilling company there before Lewis did, (I can’t remember which two) and he came to get a job there but the owner didn’t think he could handle the job as he was a small man, his brothers assured the owner that he could outwork and lift any man he had there so he hired him. Eventually Lewis bought one of the owners old rigs and started his own company.
Nov 02, 2012 · posted to the photo Sawyers Brothers
Sherri Durmis Tim, Lewis Alvin was my G. Grandfather, there was another brother his name was John L. Sawyers he spent time in prison my dad told me, although he never told me why he was in there to begin with. He just told me stories about how he boxed and was quite the card shark. Dad always talked about his Uncle Fount, I remember him telling me how he always wore a Stetson Hat and big belt buckles and was a real Lady charmer, I sure wish I would have wrote all those stories down, Lewis Alvin also owned and operated L and A casing Company in Oklahoma was an oil drilling company, although I cannot find any information on it as of yet.
Nov 01, 2012 · posted to the photo Sawyers Brothers
Sherri Durmis I am unsure were the Mitchell family came from I am still researching them. My G. Grandmother Irene Lucy, who would be a daughter to Frances in the picture, Married Louis Alvin Sawyers in Polk, Co, Mo. At some point the family lived there I believe.
Nov 18, 2003 · posted to the photo A Family of Mitchells