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Susan McKinney

AncientFaces Member since May 25, 2015

About: I have collected 1000's of photos from the Morehead, KY area. I love photography, genealogy, arts and crafts, and I love using computers and other electronic devices.

Researching: Hicks, Wallace, Fisher, Aldridge, Phillips, Fanning, Mckinney, Fannin, Deel, Alfrey, Grimmelsman, Fannon

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Sylvon Wallace at age 69 in log woods: Went to work with dad one day and filmed him doing what he did best. He loved the woods and was a hard worker and was known for being a good timber cutter and his strong arms. Dad loved to play pranks and loved his family. Sylvon (Dad) was born 23 Nov 1931 and died on 10 Dec 2012
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Labe had already moved From Mt. Hope, KY. near Morehead, to Charleston, West Virginia when this photo was taken. Labe passed away on 23 of Nov. 2004 at his home in Teays Valley, WV.
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Susan McKinney Years ago my husband Steve and I started collecting photos. I did it the hard way. I had a dark room and developed the film and printed the photos myself. When we first started out, we went to family members homes. Many didn't want me to even know they had photos and may others were willing to share all they had. Quickly I found out that some of them were afraid I wanted to borrow or take their photos away from the house. I learned that if I brought them a photo of someone in their family as a gift, let them look at the photos I had, then I had time to let them know I had a copy stand and I could copy while they watched. Now days, we can take laptops and scanners or digital cameras. Not available to me when I started. When they realized I would not be taking their photos they would break out the boxes and albums. I learned that if our family had photos of someone else's family, it was a good chance they had photos of our family members. It was always a fun date for Steve and I, and we got to hear lots of fun stories while we were visiting. Good luck in your quest to find your grandfather. PS, never call someone who doesn't know you well and say "I was wondering if you have any old photos" It puts them on guard and they don't hear anything else. Some people have "one of a kind" photos and hold them dear. They have heard horror stories of people borrowing and not bringing then back or the photos getting lost in the mail in the old days. LOL I tried to have something for them and then say either. "I have found an old photo of your dad I would like to bring you" or maybe " I have collected a lot of old photos you might be interested in and would gladly bring you a CD of digitals if you would like" Once you get there. BEG! It's so fun. Susan
Sep 01, 2013 · posted to the story What did Daddy look like?
Susan McKinney Bessie Webb is also dead now.
Aug 19, 2008 · posted to the photo Elic and Sarah Hicks Wallace Family