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A photo of Tom Lacey, US Army . This photo was taken on my Christmas vacation on December 1957. The next spring I was asigned to Germany.
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This photo was taken by my Mother, Marcy C Dillon. The photo was taken in their back yard around 1917 at the time of WW1. This photo was in her photo...
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This was taken in the Lacey homestead when Don, was just out of high school.
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This photo was taken when Uncle Bill was in the Air Force. He was my father's baby brother.
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Jim's second year living away from home.
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The first photo is my brother Jim's, daughter Laura in FL. The bottom photo is at Three Rivers where Don and Brother Pat, my brother's, attended a game.
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This is my Brother Pat who has been in the Brotherhood for 55 years. He was on the alter for our newhew Ken marriage.
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ThomasDillon Lacey Dear Grace, I am Tom Dillon Lacey from PA. In the past years there was talk about Ray Lacey. He and his family were in Las Vages during the 1950 thru 1980. Do you know if this family could be part of my Grandfather's family? Raymond was the age of my uncle Bill Lacey.
Apr 03, 2005 · posted to the photo Raymond Lacey
ThomasDillon Lacey Hi Grace, Your homestead and my homesterd were build alike. My parents had it built in 1940. Ours had a plat garage roof. I was razed in a small town in western PA. You may have herd of Johnstown from the bloods which is 20 miles from Carrolltown, my home town. Take Care and Love, Tom Dillon Lacey
Jun 01, 2004 · posted to the photo Lacey Family Home
ThomasDillon Lacey Dear Dodie, This family bible is not part of our family. I have never seen Wetzel spelled that way only spelled WETZELL. Thank you for your help. Tom Dillon Lacey
Dec 02, 2003 · posted to the photo John Wetzel