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Family history begins with a last name. Find your surname to discover your story.
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Free Family History

We believe that family history should be available to all, and by working together we can provide genealogy for free. Through sharing your family photos and creating biographies of your ancestors we connect you with others who are also interested in those same people.

When a biography is tagged in a photo, or a new biography created, the photo and biography are both grouped by last name. Members can add to each biography the individual’s immediate family tree with references to their parents, children and spouses.

All of the family history at AncientFaces is provided for free and is grouped by last name or surname.
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Family Name

418 photos 396k+ bios
22 photos 39.4k+ bios
1.32k+ photos 1.31m+ bios
126 photos 99.1k+ bios
260 photos 125k+ bios
28 photos 38.7k+ bios
3.93k+ bios
163 photos 146k+ bios
4 photos 5.14k+ bios
870 bios
9 photos 2.53k+ bios
15 photos 10.6k+ bios
2 photos 6.72k+ bios
4 photos 1.41k+ bios
118 bios
18 photos 326 bios
1 photo 239 bios
586 bios
1 photo 2.09k+ bios
351 bios
5 photos 10.9k+ bios
2 photos 692 bios
8 photos 20 bios
38 bios
6 photos 11 bios
3 photos
14 photos 6.90k+ bios
89 photos 82.9k+ bios
598 photos 719k+ bios
456 photos 361k+ bios
85 photos 17.5k+ bios
3 photos 3.96k+ bios
972 bios
2.26k+ bios
8 photos 1.44k+ bios
2 photos 8.95k+ bios
7 bios
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