AncientFaces is 100% Free

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

AncientFaces is where we remember people and moments from the past to make them a part of our present.

It's entirely free to participate and become a member of the AncientFaces Community.

Share and discover the people and places from your past

AncientFaces is 100% Free

AncientFaces is a completely free family-friendly history community where we share what we remember about our loved ones and ancestors, and connect with others who know them. By sharing our memories, stories, and photos - even those orphan Lost & Found photos that have lost their families- with Collaborative Biographies we unlock possibilities of making meaningful connections with people today, and discoveries tomorrow.

Since 2000 AncientFaces has remained a free family history resource by being advertisement supported, so the only cost is your time. The majority of advertisements disappear when you click the on any biography or photo page.

By sharing our memories we make meaningful connections today,
and unlock discoveries tomorrow

We believe everyone deserves to be remembered and you shouldn't have to pay to celebrate and discover more about the people that matter to you. Everyone is encouraged to help build Collaborative Biographies by sharing memories, family stories, or even just to leave a comment to show that they are remembered. You’ll be notified when others share about your loved ones and ancestors and new information is shared. See How AncientFaces Works to learn more.

AncientFaces is our way of taking all of our family stories passed down through generations, our unique memories, research we've discovered while 'digging for our roots', and sharing together. It turns out that when we share publicly, we reconnect often with distant relatives and old family friends. It's our way of keeping the memory of our loved ones and ancestors alive and connecting with people who knew them.

Read more about the History of AncientFaces and if you haven't seen them yet, checkout these Success Stories - we think they'll warm your heart and inspire you.

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