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Updated: Feb 29, 2024

Manage your profile to introduce yourself to the AncientFaces community.

See how to change your profile name, and share details about you and your family to build your identity within the community.

Share and discover the people and places from your past

Manage your identity at AncientFaces

Easily manage how your identifying information appears on AncientFaces by updating your profile.

Sign in to your profile at AncientFaces, and either click the image located at the top right and select "View /Edit Profile" or navigate to and select "My Profile".

On your profile page you will see a next to each section. When you select any of these pencils all of the fields on the page are easily updated.

You can update your first and last name, share about yourself in the "About me" and "About my family" sections, and display which last names you are interested in and are following.

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