Bernard Stephen Lyons

A photo of Bernard Stephen Lyons
Date & Place: Unknown
Unknown - Feb 2, 1945

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The crash in which Flight Lieutenant/Pilot Bernard Stephen Lyons died.
A cold wind blew over the Advanced Landing Ground B80 Volkel. The wind made the work for the ground mechanics and the pilots very hard. In spite of the bad weather five Typhoons nanaged to start late in the afternoon at five o'clock. Because of the strong wind, the engines of two Typhoons got overheated, but the pilots still managed to start with four aircraft. F / O Bernard Lyons flew in the second position with his Typhoon MN358, trunk code
HH-U. To the north-east of Venlo, the formation successfully attacked a German convoy. During their further search, Lyons was hit by German anti-aircraft guns. He turned directly to the west in order to get above liberated territory. He passed on his last position above the river Maas by radio. He then crashed south of the Americaanseweg and the Kanaalweg in the “Mariapeel”, a swamp area near Sevenum. Flight Lieutenant Lyons was found lifeless in the wreck.
He was buried at the cemetery of Kronenberg. After the war his body was reburied at Venray War Cemetery in Venray NL.

Biographical Notes:
Volume 3 of "Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War" page 141 states that Bernard was flying a Typhoon 1b MN358 U, when he was hit by flak north-east of Venlo, his rank is given as Flying Officer. MANBY OFFICER MISSING Believed Killed on Operations. Mrs. B. S. Lyons of Manby, has received the following telegram from the Air Ministry: "Regret to inform you that that your husband, Flt. -Lieut. B. S. Lyons is reported missing and is believed to have lost his life as the result of operations." The deepest sympathy is expressed with Mrs. Lyons in her sad loss. She is the daughter of Lieut. Yarker, the commander of the Louth Detachment of the Sea Cadets and headmaster of St. Michael's Church School, Louth. The deceased officer, who was well-known in the Louth district, was a native of Little Carlton. Until he joined H.M. Forces he was a pupil at the Louth Boys' Grammar School and was one of the foremost athletes the School hah had for many years. On leaving school he first went into the Royal Navy, and later transferred to the Royal Air Force. He underwent his training in Canada and passed with distinction. Twenty-three years of age he some time ago volunteered for service with the Typhoon section of the Air Force, and it is believed that he was flying a plane of this type when he met his death. There is one child of the marriage, which is now four months old. Louth Standard - February 10, 1945. SAD NEWS. -Mrs. B. S. Lyons, of Manby, has now had a confirmatory message from the Air Ministry to the effect that her husband St.-Lieut. B. S. Lyons, a native of Little Carlton, lost his life while engaged on operations. Mr. and Mrs. Lyons were married two years ago, and their baby son is 11 months old. Louth Standard - February 17, 1945.
Researcher:C J Anderson

Book: Mayday Mayday Mayday by Hub Groeneveld.
Book: Volume 3 Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War
Book: Sevenum tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog by Heemkundevereniging
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