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Mr. Milton Lyons and his wife Victora were known as Milt and Vick.
They lived on the farm next to where I grew up.
Their daughter Verta married Ewell Fisher and they were the parents of Harold Fisher my best friend growing up.
I remember Mr.& mrs. Milt Lyons as very good business people and were very frugal in their business dealings.
Milt would bring his cream, eggs, and other produce to my grandpa Jim Richey's country store and would never spend all the money he would receive from the produce.
He would receive a due bill for the difference between what he sold and what he bought from the store.
The next time he would come to the store he might cash his due bill in or just save it. My grandpa and Milt were good freinds.
Their daughter Verta made the first Kool aid I had ever seen when Harold and I were about ten years old.
The Kool aid was made from fresh well water and she put it in metal glasses and this made the metal sweat and gave the appearence of being colder that it really was. Boy! was it good.
Verta also gave organ lessons and I took a few @ 10 cents each.
I have wished many times I had continued. She could make heavenly music on the old pump organ.
Looking back, these people were very good roll models for any youngster growing up.
Milt and Vick had a little girl named Grace that only lived 5 months.
These people are burried in the Poplar Log cemetery @ Freedom Ky.
Milton, Victora, Verta, Grace, and Ewell Fisher's pictures can be found in the Find a grave web site.
It was a pleasure to have known these people.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply