Chaffee homestead in Sheshequin, PA

Updated Sep 09, 2021
Laura Marcy
Laura Marcy shared a photo
on Oct 10, 2011 2:18 PM
This is our family homestead in the depression days. The farm had 40 acres and was purchased in the 1860's and sold in 2010. The Chaffee family of 10 were poor but proud. They worked the farm and churned butter and sold it in Towanda, PA. They had chickens, pigs, cows, and a horse. They raised crops and my Great Grampa Fred and Great Grama Marie were trained nurses. The barn went first and then the house fell down in the 1960's, by the looks of the roof in this picture, it figures.
Date & Place: at Sheshequin, PA in Bradford county, Pennsylvania USA

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AncientFaces commented on Sep 07, 2018
1930s PA - A family of 10 lived in this house. It was on 40 acres, bought in the 1860s, and the family were hard workers.
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