Darren Render - 1988 Traverse City Senior High School moment please
Darren Render - 1988 Traverse City Senior High School
The 1988 Traverse City Senior High School yearbook photo of Darren Render. He played baseball at the time.
Date & Place: at Traverse City West Senior High School 5376 N Long Lake Rd, in Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, Michigan 49685, United States
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Darren Curtis Render
Darren was born to Curtis N. Render and Nancy D. Render. He had sisters Lisa Behrens, Melissa Capper, and Andrea Merritt and a brother Robert Render. He attended Lutheran North High School in Michigan where he played baseball, and had one daughter Isabella Maria Render. He lived at 4020 Farrell Road in Williamsburg, MI and in 1996 3211 Coach Lane SE and 3305 S. Creek Dr. SE Apt. 202 in Grand Rapids Michigan. At one point he had a PO box in Pine Colorado and an address at 109 N. 7th St in Gunnison Colorado.
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