Early 1900's - 4 Men Friends

These unknown men wear flat caps and one is on a donkey. Could be in the UK or in the USA...don't know.
Date & Place:
None / Unknown

Updated Oct 16, 2020

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Jesse Dean Williams
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Daniel Pinna
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Ancient Faces
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The men look happy but that's a sad face on the poor little donkey! A photo from the "lost and found", can you see any clues as to the time and place? The caps make us think of the 1920s.
Oct 16 · Reply
Daniel Pinna
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Jesse...you've got such a superb collection. These are wonderful!
Sep 20 · Reply
Jesse Dean Williams
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Thank you! I've had most of these for a very long time. In fact, the hard copies are stored away. These have been on my computer. A few have a little more info with them but I don't have those details on my computer. But it's fun to share since I've been the only one enjoying them for so long.
Sep 20 · Reply
Daniel Pinna
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I wish there was a 'like' button for comments. I'll have to build that. ;) You sir have a great heart for sharing these treasures.
Sep 20 · Reply
Marilynn Marlow
Looks like one of rhe donkeys that they would take around like the ponies for photos with kids...maybe they were working in rhe neighborhood
Jan Richeson Davis
1910s-1920s seems likely, maybe extending a little later in the UK. Interesting background. Never saw a donkey wearing a bridle like that. Could that be a clue?
Kent Clizbe
Looks like the UK (Ireland?) Or Canada? 1915-1930? Something does not look American.
Karri Cummins
Looks kind of like my great great grandfather from Cork who was a McCarthy.
Yvonne Hughey Godwin
Sharon Burns
They're wearing collared shirts except for one guy, so maybe mid teens, early 20s? Whenever attached collars came into vogue. Men's clothing doesn't give you a lot to go on. We have a photo of my great grandmother with a travelling donkey for a photo when she was about 8 or 9, so early teens small town Illinois.
Ouida Norris
I agree, '20's due the type caps they wear.
Ree Young
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Ouida Norris I have photos of my dad wearing coveralls and a cap just like that (he was a machinist at a Mack truck plant in New Jersey), taken in the early 1940s. Those caps were worn for many decades.
Oct 16 ·
Beth Bailey Teepell
Donkey probably died the next day. booo
Carol Jones
Mediterranean appearance of the donkey bridles
Ree Young
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Men's shirts began having attached collars as a regular fashion in the early 1930's. The separate collars and cuffs began to disappear about that time or a little earlier, depending on a man's social class. Detachable ones were still used for formal occasions.

My dad and his brothers were workers..."blue collar"...and I've got photos of them in shirts with attached collars in the mid-1920s and 1930s.

The fold-over collar was even on WWI uniforms. Detached collars kept getting lost.
Oct 16 · Reply
Susana M Frushour
My grandad wore “caps” everywhere. He was Scots.
Glenda Hudson
Yep. The donkey is definitely over it. 😕
Ree Young
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Very hard to place a location. While some comments mentioned it looks like Ireland, I assume they mean the look of the men since, besides the donkey (which reminds me of melancholy Eeyore!), there's little of the background to tell much of anything.

The problem with that is between 1851 ans1920, around 3.7 million Irish immigrated to America. So, you've got not just the immigrants but their children and grandchildren as well, all who probably look pretty Irish.

Someone mentioned the donkey's bridle looked Mediterranean. But, by 1920, about 4 million Italians had immigrated to the US, the later ones coming largely from Southern Italy and who were often farmers. And by 1930, about 4 million Spaniards had arrived in America as well. Any of the immigrants from the Mediterranean area could have brought along such things as the bridle.

So, I don't know that anything in the photo gives us a real clue to the location where this was taken. And some of the men look as thought they could be related, too.

It's a real mystery!
Oct 18 · Reply
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