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I've "rescued" an old photograph of Edith PASCHKE which was taken at a studio in Everett, WA. The photograph appears to have been taken in the early 1900's with Edith in her teens at the time it was taken. Based on limited research and thanks to a family researcher I was able to gather the following information regarding Edith and her family:

Edith M. PASCHKE was b. 19 May 1894 in Everett, WA to parents Alexander Carl Gustav PASCHKE (b. 1867 in Liverpool, England-1942) and Lillian C. or K. GUILFOIL (1870 or 1871-1938). Edith was one of 7 children born to this couple including, Ethel Lillian; Edith M.; Ruth Annie or Ann; Carl Allen; Dorris or Doris Gretchen; Gerald A.; and one other all born between 1893 and 1912. Edith married Clarence Hiram WATTERS (1892-1940) and together they had two children, Kathleen Barbara WATTERS (1921-2005) and Robert Lisle WATTERS (1925-2016). Edith was married a second time to Harry W. BETTS (1885-1974) and she died 11 Sept 1969 in Everett, WA.

Edith’s sister Ruth Ann married Ulysses A. DEGMAN but they don’t appear to have had any children and they later divorced and Ruth Ann married Mr. MONROE. Edith’s Father died in 1942 in Everett, WA with his obit indicating that he was one of the original men who platted the City of Everett and was most recently working with the Everett City Water Dept. The family lived on Rockefeller Avenue in Everett. His surviving children are listed as Mrs. Edith M. BETTS of Everett; Mrs. Doris CHARLES of Marysville, WA; Mrs. Ruth E. MONROE of Seattle, WA; and Mrs. Edith CLARE of CUDIWORTH, Saskatchewan, Canada; Carl A. PASCHKE of San Bernardino, CA; and Gerald A. PASCHKE of the Philippine Islands. He was also survived by two sisters, Mrs. W. J. BRITT of Everett; Mrs. P. A. BOSIEN of Braintree, MA; and brothers B. W. PASCHKE of Riverside, CA; Percey PASCHKE of Comoix, BC, Canada; and George PASCHKE of Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.

Census records provide the following details:

1900 census of Everett, WA:

Alexander PASCHKE, age 32, born Feb 1868, married 10 years, born England, parents born England/Ireland, to USA 1885, a Wharfman
Lillian C. PASCHKE, wife, age 29, born Mar 1871, married 10 years, 6 children/5 living, born Canada, parents born Canada, to USA 1890
Ethel L. PASCHKE, dau, age 7, born May 1893, born WA, at School
Edith M. PASCHKE, dau, age 6, born May 1894, born WA
Ruth A. PASCHKE, dau, age 4, born Feb 1896, born WA
Carl A. PASCHKE, son, age 2, born Aug 1898, born WA

1910 census of Everett, WA:

Alexander PASCHKE, age 42, married 18 years, born England, parents born Germany/Ireland, to USA 1886, an Everett Dock Wharfinger
Lillian PASCHKE, wife, age 40, 5 children/5 living, born 18 years, born New Brunswick, Canada, parents born Ireland/New Brunswick, to USA 1889
Ethel PASCHKE, dau, age 17, born WA
Edith PASCHKE, dau, age 16, born WA
Ruth PASCHKE, dau, age 14, born WA
Carl PASCHKE, son, age 12, born WA
Dorris PASCHKE, dau, age 5, born WA

1920 census of Everett, WA:

Alexander G. PASCHKE, age 51, to USA 1889, born England, parents born Germany/Ireland, a Draftsman
Lillian K. PASCHKE, wife, age 50, to USA 1889, born Canada, parents born Canada
Ethel L. PASCHKE, dau, age 26, born WA, a Milliner
Edith M. PASCHKE, dau, age 25, born WA
Ruth A. PASCHKE, dau, age 23, born WA, an Office Stenographer
Doris G. PASCHKE, dau, age 13, born WA
Gerald A. PASCHKE, son, age 9, born WA

I’m hoping to locate someone from Edith’s family so that this wonderful old photograph can be returned to the care of her family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Date & Place: in Everett, Snohomish County, Washington United States

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AncientFaces commented on Jul 05, 2018
Of Irish and German descent, with relatives all over western Washington and Canada, this lovely young lady shouldn't be a "found photo."
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