Elihue Parker - 1993 Jones High School

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Elihue Parker - 1993 Jones High School
The 1993 Jones High School yearbook photo of Elihue Parker.
Date & Place: at Jones High School 801 Rio Grande Ave, in Orlando, Orange County, Florida 32805, United States
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Elihue Leander Parker
Elihue was born to Arlene Hardy and Arthur Hudson and he had siblings William, Jason, Victor, Ethan, Chad, Dale, Ra-nee and Laphea. He was a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps and served in the Persian Gulf. See Elihue Leander Parker: Obituary. He is likely best remembered because of his wife, Kimberly Parker, who lived in Lewisville Texas and was convicted of masterminding the July 2000 kidnapping and murder of Elihue (her estranged husband). She was sentenced to 99 years for aggravated kidnapping. An episode of Oxygen's network tv program "Snapped" was dedicated to telling his story in addition to the 2010 "Facing Evil" documentary episode A Military Affair. The court transcripts are at Damien Demarquis Huckaby v. The State of Texas--Appeal from 211th District Court of Denton County. This is a synopsis: Sergeant Elihue Parker, and his wife, Kimberly Parker, were experiencing marital problems and had separated. On July 27, 2000, Huckaby and Marquis Brown visited Sergeant Parker while he was working at the Marine recruiting station in Lewisville. They wanted to get some personal belongings that were in Sergeant Parker's car. Huckaby appeared agitated that they had to wait, and he told Sergeant Parker, "Playing all of these kiddie games and stuff with each other, sneaking around. If we were back in the 'hood, I would have done capped your a**." Ezra Bunnell, a co-worker of Sergeant Parker, heard this exchange. After Huckaby and Brown left, they went to Kimberly's apartment. Over the next few days, Huckaby, along with three other individuals, discussed and planned the kidnapping and killing of Sergeant Parker. On July 30, 2000, Kimberly called Sergeant Parker and asked him if she could come over that afternoon. A group of five individuals arrived at Sergeant Parker's apartment between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. The four men exited the car before Kimberly drove through the entrance gate so that Sergeant Parker would not see all of them arriving through the complex's surveillance camera. The men proceeded to the outside of Sergeant Parker's apartment, and Kimberly met them there. Kimberly, Huckaby, and another man then went upstairs while the other two men waited. A struggle broke out between Sergeant Parker, Huckaby, and the other man. Huckaby signaled the two waiting men to join them and help them gain control of the situation. Once they gained control of Sergeant Parker, they tied him up with some green ribbon from one of his military swords and put him in the trunk of Huckaby's car. Huckaby dropped Kimberly off at a friend's home and then drove to East Texas. He stopped twice along the way to buy duct tape and Saran Wrap. He then dropped Brown off at his girlfriend's home in Gladewater, Texas. In August of 2000, Sergeant Parker's tied-up body was discovered in the Sabine River. His body was wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with a sheet secured by duct tape. During an autopsy, the medical examiner discovered a single gunshot wound in Sergeant Parker's chest and determined the cause of death to be homicide. Huckaby pleaded not guilty to aggravated kidnapping, but the jury convicted him of the offense. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He appeals this conviction.
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