John Hazlinger, Jr

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John Hazlinger, Jr
First Officer and 2nd Lieut, John Hazlinger, Jr. was the Navigator in the 8th Air Force with the 94th Bomb Group, 410th Bomb Squadron during WW2. He flew 6 successful missions from April 14 - April 21, 1945 before the war ended on May 7, 1945. He married Lora Carhoun on 6/29/1952 and owned a mechanic shop after his return from the war.
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John Hazlinger Jr
First Officer and 2nd Lieut, John Hazlinger, Jr. married Lora Carhoun on June 29, 1852 in Scotch Plains, NJ. He was the Navigator in WW2 in the 8th Air Force, 94th Bomb Group, 410th Bomb Squadron.
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