Jose Eutimio Puente and Family

The last and maybe only photo taken of the entire family just before the death of daughter Teresa, seated in front row. (4th from the left)..
Date & Place: at Family Farm, in Poth/Wilson Co., Texas USA
Jul 30, 1900 - Unknown
Jan 20, 1904 - Unknown
Apr 1, 1894 - December 1989
Nov 11, 1907 - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
Apr 2, 1896 - Unknown
Sep 28, 1877 - Unknown
Mar 19, 1903 - Unknown
Feb 21, 1913 - June 1978
Unknown - Unknown
Oct 15, 1910 - Unknown
Apr 11, 1908 - Unknown
Jun 29, 1914 - Jul 8, 1996
Unknown - Unknown
Updated Aug 11, 2020

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Kathy Pinna
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Ancient Faces
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Happy Sons and Daughters Day! This 1922 Puente family photo may have seen better days but it shows a couple blessed by *lots* of sons and daughters. Do you have both? :)
Aug 11 · Reply
Jackie Lingle
my gr grandparents
Cindy Sagen Frey
Jackie Lingle that's your great grandparents?
Jackie Lingle
Cindy Sagen Frey no not that pic I was talking about my dads side the great grandparents had 9 children
Cindy Sagen Frey
Jackie Lingle ok I was wondering 🤣
Brian Bonjokian
Their mother must of been exhausted
Or the oldest daughters - the "help" often fell to them. :)
Helle Rau Hartmann
But none of them actually look happy....
Ree Young
236 favorites
People generally didn't smile in formal portraits back then, not even wedding photos.
Aug 11 ·
Audrey Howe
Ree Young It took to long to take the picture, so by then you didn't smile.
Ree Young
236 favorites
Audrey Howe Actually, by the late 1800's, exposures took only a few seconds. The little Brownie camera was invented in 1900. I still have my folks' old Brownie camera from the 1920's.

According to the link, this photo was taken in 1922, not long before, sadly, one of the little girls in the front row died.
Aug 11 ·
Susan Jacobsen
Not quite sure “blessed” is the correct word here..😳
Really? My Dad's grandmother had 12 pregnancies - 8 survived to adulthood. I think my grt grandmother would think she was blessed with each and every surviving child.
Susan Jacobsen
No choices back then for women.. thank goodness we live in a different time..
Brenda Bilger
Susan Jacobsen
Joan Savell
AncientFaces my grandmother had ten pregnancies one was stillborn and two died in infancy and I am not so sure she looked on each pregnancy as a happy event.
Kate Van Dyck
21 favorites
Very common to have a lot of children at that time as so many did not survive illnesses. Poor mother. My partner's g grandparents had 13 but 4 died young.
Aug 11 · Reply
Joan Savell
Kate van Dyck yes Kate very common there was no reliable contraception and all the churches frowned upon contraception anyway. No one in thSt time ever thought about the terminal exhaustion suffered by those poor eternally pregnant women. Many many of them suffered prolapse of the uterus which wasn’t repaired until after child bearing days were over. Nothing was allowed to interfere with keeping the Mrs pregnant and happy. Funny my grandmother and many other of her age group all had the same mantra which was “ IF WOMAN HAD THE FIRST BABY AND MAN HAD THE SECOND THERE WOULD BE NO THIRD.
Kate Van Dyck
21 favorites
I think your Grandmother was right!
Aug 11 ·
Joan Savell
Kate van Dyck I am sure she was.
Ree Young
236 favorites
My dad was the eldest of 9 children and, at 14, left school to get a job to help the family. He was already 20 when his last sibling was born.

My mom was the second youngest in a family of 12. She married my dad when she was 16, and they lived with his family where my mom helped out with the housework, cooking, and her in-laws youngest children.

I might have had some brothers, but my mom had 5 mid-term miscarriages. My folks adopted a little girl, and then my mom got pregnant again and, this time, carried full term and had me.

I have two sons...the eldest is 10 years older than his brother, but I had a daughter inbetween the boys. Lost her to SIDS.
Aug 11 · Reply
Lora Gillman Boston
Perfectly natural back then....and no birth control.
Pictures took so long to take back then...thats why they didnt smile...had to stay perfectly still for quite some time.
Sharon Kay Patterson
They didnt have TV then .
Scott Patch
Before cable TV
Michele Dilley
Yes 2 sons and 1 daughter 🤗
Marie Gonzalez
75 favorites
My grandparents married when he was 21 and she was 13 and a half. My oldest aunt was born when Granny was 14 yrs and 9 months old. My mother is #12 out of the 13 children, 10 boys and 3 girls. There was a set of twin boys (babies #10 & #11) next older than her. They were born more than 2 months early in Nov. 1948, at home. One only lived a few hours, but the other did fine. So out of 12 pregnancies, they raised 12 children. Five are still alve, my Mom and 4 brothers.
I asked Granny once why she had so many kids -- she said "I liked babies and I liked your Grandpa (wink, wink, blushing).
Aug 11 · Reply
Gina Estrada Nevarez
The Puente family could have formed they’re own puente with all those kids.
Carol Piquard Compton Weir
Lovely old photo 📷
Janet Webster
Ugh all those pregnancies
Ticia Barnes
My mother in law was 1 of 12 and my father in law 1 of 11.
Beth Van Tilburg
That's the kind of photo I love to restore! Tons of history and love!
Andy Hammond
My grandfather told a story of a family in our village in Yorkshire, who had many children. " Twenty two, twice. One died, so they had another".
Susan Leighton
They are blessed!
Maria Eva Ibarra
Large families were common
Maria Eva Ibarra
Beautiful family
Jean Payne
Mr Puente must have been a good provider. The children are all dressed well and looked well fed and cared for.
Adrianne Balcom
But not happy! Not a single smile
Debi Komp Robbins
My grandma had 17 kids
Karen Hillje
My Grandmother was the twelfth of 13 siblings. All their names started with "E" ... She was born in 1906.
Faith Stumpf
My grandma had 10 kids. All born at home. All survived. She always said she was blessed
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