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Updated Aug 10, 2021
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Larry King, the famous television host, earlier in his career. Larry King was born Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger on November 19th, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York City. Larry began his media career as an entry level support staff of a small station in Miami Beach, and got his first broadcast opportunity on May 1st, 1957.

A little known fact is that Larry King credits Jackie Gleason for much of his career. Jackie, who at that time was filming his television show in Miami Beach, took a liking to Larry and honed Larry's media skills.

Larry King went to national radio in 1978, and began hosting the famous CNN show "Larry King Live" in June 1985 which lasted until his retirement on December 16th, 2010.
Date & Place: at Miami Radio Station in Miami, Florida United States of America

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