Leann Misener - 1986 Warren High School

Updated Jul 21, 2022
Daniel Pinna
Daniel Pinna shared a photo
on Jul 20, 2022 3:49 PM
The 1986 Warren High School yearbook photo of Leann Misener.
Date & Place: at Warren High School 3131 Twelve Mile Rd, in Warren, Macomb County, Michigan United States 48092

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AncientFaces commented on Jul 21
Today we remember Leann Fletcher who lost her life at the hands of her husband 23 years ago next month. Leann met him at Michigan State University and supported him financially as he attended law school. Once her husband Michael became a criminal lawyer, she had dreams of becoming a stay-at-home mom raising their daughter in a suburb outside Detroit. Michael began having an affair with a recently divorced judge with whom he had clerked for early on in his career. After a number of months Michael eventually filed for divorce, but once Leann became pregnant with their second child, he had a change of heart and they reconciled. Unfortunately, his affair continued with the judge and while he said he wanted to make things work with Leann, he plotted an elaborate scheme to murder his pregnant wife and make it look like a suicide. Discover Leann's story on her biography and leave a comment to show her family that she'll always be remembered.
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