Matthew Kozlowski

Stephen Babcock shared a photo
on Apr 25, 2009 7:29 PM
Matthew Kozlowski, came to the United States around 1917 with his father and his brother. They all came under the assumed name of Koziel, fearing conscription into the Prussian Army. He worked in a meat market in Buffalo, New York where he met and married Frances Wilkosz. They moved to Perry New York where they worked in the cotton mills. Matthew's father joined them there. Matthew and Frances started their family in Perry, but soon moved to Wellsville New York. Matthew worked for the Sinclair Oil refinery in Wellsville until his death in a freak auto accident in 1945. A car came through the window of a local store and landed on him.
Date & Place: at Wellsville in Allegany County, New York USA
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