Monroe Georgia Lynching Investigation - 1946

Loy Harrison (far left) showing Sheriff J.M. Bond (center) of Oconee County and Coroner W.T. Brown (right) of Walton County, where four people were slain near Monroe, Georgia., on July 26, 1946.

Two black couples (Roger & Dorothy Malcom, and George & Mae Murrary Dorsey) who were sharecroppers were being driven along a rural road in the summer of 1946 when they were lynched by a mob along the Apalachee River approx. 50 miles east of Atlanta.Over 100 people testified before a grand jury at Moore's Ford Bridge in Walton County but no one was ever indicted.

This case recently came to light with Anthony Pitch's 2016 book "The Last Lynching: How a Gruesome Mass Murder Rocked a Small Georgia Town". Anthony has petitioned for the transcripts from the grand jury proceedings and a federal judge in 2017 ordered the records unsealed, but the U.S. Department of Justice appealed arguing that grand jury proceedings are secret and should remain sealed.

Ironic, Pitch died two weeks after the announcement that the case would be reheard at the age of 80.
Date & Place: in Monroe, Walton County, Georgia United States
Aug 2, 1892 - November 1964

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