Sheeks Reunion Abt 1908, Part C

If there are any corrections needed, please let me know. From left to right:
In the front row, Oren Chapman, Albert Wayne Sheeks, Lois Sheeks, Thelma Sheeks, Annis Sheeks, Mrs. Albert Wayne (Pearl Chapman) Sheeks, Mrs. Lawrence (Della Tow) Sheeks, Lawrence Sheeks, Mrs. George W. (Priscilla Sheeks) Carr, and George W. Carr.

In the second row up: Isom Sheeks, Mrs. Isom (Judith Spencer) Sheeks, Charles Sheeks, Harley Sheeks, Mabel Sheeks held by Mrs. John (Daisy Erwin) Sheeks, Roy Neal held by mother Mrs. Asa (Rose Carr) Neal, Albert Neal, Mrs. George (Mary Sheeks) Fields, John Edwin Carr, Elsie Carr, Mary Isis Sheeks, Cecil F. Sheeks, and Laura N. Sheeks.

In the third row up: Edward Sheeks, John Sheeks, Mrs. George (Stella Bass) Fields holding an unknown infant, Mary Foster, Mrs. Homer (Laura Sheeks) Foster, Mrs. David (Addie Fields) Leonard, Mary Fern Fields, and Carmie Sheeks.

In the back row: Maude Sheeks, Mrs. Louis (Isis Sheeks) Carr, Elizabeth Foster, Homer Foster, Jesse Foster, Walter Foster, George Fields, Albert Fields, D. L. Sheeks, Halbert Sheeks, and Mrs. Halbert (Ella Fields) Sheeks.

Taken: at Mitchell, in Lawrence County, Indiana

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