Snowball Man

Updated Sep 10, 2020
Roxy Triebel
Roxy Triebel shared a photo
on Aug 13, 2019 3:13 AM
There's no name or any other identifying information on this photo. I found him in central Texas, so I think it's likely the photo was taken somewhere in that area. He looks like he's enjoying that rare snowfall.

Internet searches revealed that the winter of 1894-1895 was unusually cold in much of the northern hemisphere. The coast of the Gulf of Mexico got unusually heavy snowfalls in February 1895. Much of Texas got hit around the middle of February, especially along the coast.

The National Weather Service website says this: "February 12-15, 1895 - Widespread snow over the state, even as far south as the lower Valley. North Texas received between 3-5 inches, but a band of 10-20 inches blanketed the upper Texas coast, including Houston and Beaumont/Port Arthur."
Date & Place: in Texas USA

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AncientFaces commented on Aug 14, 2019
It's gonna be very hot today - does this 1895 photo cool you down?
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