Sophia Sago Hurrell and Children

Holly Banks shared a photo
on Apr 16, 2004 12:00 AM
This photo depicts Sophia Sago Hurrell seated with parasol and many children presumed to be grandchildren and great grandchildren. The only child known is Margaret Mary Pio Zeh standing directly behind Sophia. This photo was taken in Port Clinton, Ohio about 1917 as judged by the appearence and probable age of Margaret. Sophia Sago Hurrell was a german orphaned immigrant and spoke little english. All documents in possesion of this contributor were marked with an X for a signiture. Sophia Sago Hurrell was the wife of Thomas Hurrell 11 and mother to Mary C. Hurrell Palmer. Grandmother to Mildred Eloida Palmer Zeh and great grandmother to Margaret Mary Pio Zeh. This photo was probably taken on same day as photo-Sophia Sago Hurrell 1917.
Date & Place: at Sophia Sago Hurrell in Port Clinton, Ottawa, Ohio United States


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