Terry Bowman, San Jose High, 1946

Frankie Smillie shared a photo
on Apr 27, 2012 4:33 PM
San Jose High School 1946 1947 Spring Legislative Council: FIRST ROW (left to right): Terry Bowman, Lucille Sterling, Bill Ellis, Barbara Weisbrod, Bud De Smet, Ruth Johnson, John Drew, Vivian Spatola, Richard Steinbauer SECOND ROW: Angelina strangio, Helen Yamamoto, Lois March, Lionel Silva, Ted Jones, Jerry Erich, Eddie Simmons, Clarence George, Bob Meyer THIRD ROW: Don Dumas, George Spadafore, Ed Spoon, Bob Madsen, Clarence Miller, Jim Fox, Fred Irace
Date & Place: at San Jose High School in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California USA
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