Victor Frederick D'Amyand

Updated Jun 07, 2015

A photo of Victor Frederick D'Amyand
Taken whilst serving with the 4h Australian Light Horse Regiment, Palestine, WWI


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Victor Frederick D'Amyand
1887 - 1955

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The photo was taken circa 1915-1918 during WW1 service with the 4th Australian Light Horse Regiment in Egypt/Palestine - Vickers Machine Gun
Jun 06, 2015 · Reply
I'm taking an educated guess here, by looking at the other matched photo with the same name, Victor Frederick De Amyand. The background shows palm trees. And now with looking at this photo, that weapon was in use during the Spanish- American War from April to August, 1898. Likely at the same time the photograph was taken in Cuba, perhaps Florida.
May 15, 2015 · Reply
Do you know when this was taken? That's some gun!
May 13, 2015 · Reply
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