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Cochran Last Name History & Origin

Updated Feb 17, 2020


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Early Cochrans

These are the earliest records we have of the Cochran family.

1790 - 1859
1813 - 1863
1816 - 1909
1827 - 1900
1799 - Unknown
1798 - Unknown
1830 - 1894
1831 - 1902

Cochran Family Members

Cochran Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Cochran Biographies

Sep 13, 1916 - October 1981
Apr 1, 1907 - Jan 22, 1999
Jan 28, 1911 - Feb 20, 2007
Sep 20, 1910 - Jun 28, 1990
Oct 8, 1895 - April 1979
Feb 7, 1887 - Mar 15, 1972
Sep 27, 1890 - July 1983
Feb 2, 1906 - November 1978
Nov 24, 1931 - Jul 30, 1999
Nov 8, 1906 - March 1946
Mar 18, 1913 - Aug 12, 2001
May 26, 1909 - Jan 31, 2001
Dec 15, 1960 - May 26, 2010
Jan 5, 1905 - Mar 15, 1992
Aug 16, 1902 - September 1966
Nov 21, 1934 - July 1982
c. 1943 - Unknown
c. 1965 - Unknown
Unknown - Jun 24, 1917
c. 1917 - Unknown

Cochran Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Cochran family member is 71.3 years old according to our database of 22,931 people with the last name Cochran that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

71.3 years

Oldest Cochrans

These are the longest-lived members of the Cochran family on AncientFaces.

Aug 12, 1872 - September 1979
107 years
Aug 12, 1880 - April 1987
106 years
Nov 15, 1902 - Jul 20, 2009
106 years
Aug 20, 1895 - Apr 3, 2002
106 years
Sep 26, 1888 - Dec 15, 1993
105 years
Jan 15, 1870 - July 1975
105 years
Aug 1, 1879 - July 1985
105 years
May 27, 1892 - Feb 7, 1998
105 years
Jul 8, 1880 - September 1985
105 years
Jan 22, 1885 - Jan 14, 1991
105 years

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Heather Graham
1 favorite
Hugh Cochran was my Great Grandfather. He was a watch and clock maker in NEW ROSS, Co Wexford Ireland. in the mid 1800s

The story goes he lived in we think 60, South Street New Ross, and made himeself a clock , as there was a gas lamp outside his house, he put his newly made clock in the front downstairs window of his house, then realised many people didn't have clocks, so he turned the clock around in the window so people could see the time, even when it was dark because of the gas lamp.

We think, but not sure as yet that he was commisioned to make the clock for 'The Tholsel' (the town hall) that clock is still working.

HUGH's Father my G.G.Grandfather was also a watch and clock maker in LURGAN ,Northern Ireland in the very early 1800s.

I have recently learnt that a lady in New York City USA has one of HUGH HALL COCHRAN'S grandfather clocks,

If you know of anyone else who owns one of his clocks please let me know, they will be at least 150 years old.

The lady in New York says hers is still working very well.

I Look forward to hearing from anyone who has anything to do with the Irish Cochran's

Mar 08, 2006 · Reply
Jon Arnow
1 favorite
Samuel Marvin Cochran died , May 15, 1938, when he and two other fellows. one being his son, Ralph and the other a fellow named Walter Knapp, went to rescue a boat that had run aground off City Island, New York. The story, as told to me by an old gent from the City Island Museum and as reported in the New York Times,was that Sam and gone to rescue a boat called the Quita which had run aground on No Nations Reef. Sam , his son Ralph and Walter Knapp had boarded the stranded boat when a storm blew in , suddenly, and threw the men overboard. There was a total of seven men there trying to free the ship, one of whom was Sam's brother, Charles Everett Cochran. Charles held Sam's body afloat. When a life preserver was thrown into the water, it hit Charles in the mouth and knocked out his front teeth.When the storm hit, some of the men had lashed themselves to the main mast of the Quita. Sam ran a boat yard in City Island and was the son of John Samuel Cochran , brother to Hannah Elizabeth Cochran Arnow of Stamford, Connecticut. The Cochran's of City Island were the children of William Whitman Cochran Senior , who had come from Down Patrick, Northern Ireland and settled in City Island around 1860, as a shoe and boot maker on Main Street.
May 22, 2009 · Reply
Heather Graham
1 favorite
My Great Great Grandfather Hugh Hall Cochran from Northern Ireland was a watch and clock maker in Lurgan,His son Hugh (junior) was also a watch and clock maker, but had moved to New Ross, Co Wexford,Ireland.
He at some point made a clock for himself, but realizing many people had'nt got their own clocks, he put his own clock in his front window of his house, which had a gass lamp outside so people passing in the dark could see the time, he was later commissioned to make 'The Tholsel (Town Hall) clock, which is still in use today in New Ross.
His son my Grandfather,Samuel was a watch and clock maker, he served his apprenteship at John Fegan's jewelers in New Ross, before moving to Dublin where he worked for John Morton jewelers for about fifty years.
I wonder if there are any Cochran clocks still around ?
Oct 17, 2009 · Reply

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