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The husband died 3 mo ths before tje baby was born. After Sarahann Sylvanis Day was born, she was kidnapped by the paternal Grandmotber and raised as white and Given the name Susie. She married Nathan Johnson, had 6 children and died at 35 in childbirth. One of her children was my Grandfather Howard Jerome Johnson. My mother (Norma Jean Johnson) was the 3rd child of Howard and Gertrude (Dolan) Johnson. I (Robbie Jean McCully) am the 3rd child of Norma and Robert Allen
Nov 12, 2014 · Reply
Anyone who knows of his family please post here.
Jul 27, 2014 · Reply
Zella is named after her grandmother, Zenaren Zimmarue Blevins. Zella's mother, Sarahann Susie Sulvanus (spelling? ) Day, was forcibly kidnapped from her mother, Zimmarue, by Catherine'Caty' Harris and Ambrose Day because Zimmarue was a Cherokee. Zella wrote a letter detailing how the Day's plotted the kidnapping since Myron Sulvanus Day, Zella's grandfather, died 3 months before Susie was born. The excuse, they didnt want Susie "raised indian". Zella was given her grandmother's middle name.
Mar 26, 2014 · Reply