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CM Standley commented on Apr 05, 2008
Elam Orson Kincaid is my GGGrandfather and he was married to Domitilla Aguilar, the daughter of a Spanish Pioneer/Rancher and a first generation Californian.

Elam was born in Pennsylvania in 1834.

He was dismissed as a FIRST LIEUT. as Elam O. Kincaid May 28, 1864 from the Arkansas Calvary at the end of the Civil War. This regiment was originally mustered at Springfield, MO from July 10 to October 5, 1862. From 1861 til then he was a volunteer in IOWA.

He is listed in the Official Army Register of the Voulnteer Force of the US Army for years:
1861, 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. (Part IV of 8 parts nationally)

When he left the war effort he was unmarried and his future wife was just 7 years old born 1857, the same year CALIFORNIA became a state! Her family came here from SPAIN an squatted a ranch near San Diego. They came from SPAIN by way of Baja California while CA was still Spain.

Elam married Domitilla Aguilar, daughter of Gavino and Antonia Aguilar, who are buried in a well marked grave in the Elli Ranch Family Cemetery near Descanso in San Diego County. Domitilla's sister Ysidora, married Charles Ellis and a family cemetery was established there and remains to this day. The Aguilars are noted Spanish Pioneers.

Elam and Domitilla's children were:
Josephine Kincaid
Eddie Kincaid
Elsa Kincaid
Ella Kincaid and my GGrandmother
Lucy Emma Cecilia Kincaid (aka Lula or Lu)

Domitilla died when her youngest, Lula, was just 14. The family had enjoyed living in SAN QUENTIN VILLAGE where Elam had earned a gubanatorial appointment as one of the very first Prison Guards at San Quentin. He is listed as such in The Marin County Great Register of 1880.

Elam's family is thought to have settled in Bakersfield, CA and it is said that in "Freedom Hall" there is a tribute to him and his brother's and family for their many acts of patriotism and service to the USA as it reinvented itself over and over.

Domitilla was buried with her family in the Ellis Ranch Cemetery as "Domitilla Kincaid" 1896.

I am still trying to find Elam's gravesite and I am told by my mother than it should be near by in Lemon Grove, or possibly a military cemetary.

Ella Kincaid became Elle Hanneman and is believed to be buried near Hemet, CA.
Else Kincaid became Elsa Chillingworth and is buried in Hilo, Hawaii on Hawaii.
Eddie Kincaid is also believed to be buried near Descanso and the Ellis Ranchin San Diego Co.
Josephine Kincaid became Jo Jones.
Lucy Kincaid married Ed Ledford (aka Loren Edgar Leford) but they divorced in the 1900's. Their daughter was my grandmother, Lorene Edna (Ledford) Kirwan and she was a remarkable woman who told me our family history, including Elam's.

Elam's father in law was shot out of his saddle on the ranch in 1882 over a property line dispute, and his murderer was tried and sentenced. He went to jail - he went to San Quentin.

I do not know how he came to know my GGGGrandmother, but I wonder if the San Quentin connection is part of it.

Anyone with information or questions about this family's history can contact me at Ancient Faces.
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