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James norris married clara collolo rilley they had a son william arthur collolo norris the name collolo has been passed on to there descendents
Sep 09, 2014 · Reply
This isn't really a story. I am just looking for a connection to my GGrandmother Mary Norris. She was married to Isaac Boden. Their children were: Charles William Boden (my GGrandfather and a Civil War Vet.) born in 1843; John Henry Boden and Joseph E. Boden. Mary was probably born about 1806. The census yrs. of age vary considerably. I have no proof but I believe she is the daughter of a Thomas Norris born about 1862. His wife is unknown but his father was William Norris and Grandparents were Thomas and Avarilla (Scott) Norris. According to a Norris book I have, this 1862 Thomas left a will naming only two sons, Charles and John and not naming any daughters. The author of this book believes Thomas was left out of the will because he married a half Indian woman named Rebecca Duke. I have checked all Western Maryland Norris families. Thomas seems to be the only possible parent. In several census I find the Bodens living next door to Charles, Thomas and John Norris in Washington or Allegany County. If anyone has information about Mary Norris Boden please let me know. Thanks
May 25, 2009 · Reply
seeking information about Fannie T. Norris, married John Prey Lower in 1853. Both from Philly, John a gunsmith. Moved to Denver in 1872. Had three sons, George, John and Clarence. Fannie died in the mid 1890s in Philly, was buried in Denver. John P lasted to 1917, ran a gun shop in Denver all those years, biggest one in the territory. I seek artifacts, documents and photos of any of these family members.


Dave 330-952-0031
May 23, 2009 · Reply
My Story starts with a Young James Norris on his way to the USA from Ireland . If he was with some one else on the trip i do not know yet , but just the same it must have been a loneley and frightening journey for one so young . It looks like James Norris born about 1845 landed in NYC around 1860-or 1862 . Not used to the big city James must have worked his way to Cayuga County New York town of Auburn . Its possible he enlisted in the Millitary but not proven yet.He married Sarah Taylor abt 1867 , Sarah was born about 1848 in Auburn and had a brother William who was born in 1845. Sarah was the child of James Taylor and Mary Taylor who were both from Ireland . James and Sarah 's first child was Mary ann Norris born in 1868 and died in 1913 , she was married to Michael Cross and they lived in Fort Plain NY .Montgomery County. Sarah and James Norris Sr. second child was Elizabeth Norris , born in 1870 in Auburn and died in Amsterdam NY. ,Montgomery County in 1925 ,she never married. There 3rd child a boy was James Norris Jr. born in Auburn NY. Cayuga County in 1872. James Norris Jr. died in Schenectady County NY. Town of Rotterdam , but lived in Amsterdam NY ., Montgomery County. James Jr. married Mary Parmelia Pagie . Mary Pagie was from St. Justin Quebec Canada. She was from a large family and immigrated in 1893 to Amsterdam NY. James and Sarah's 4 th child was Sarah Norris born in 1874 in Auburn NY Cayuga Co. Sarah married George Stangle they lived in Amsterdam NY . She died in 1917 . The 5TH child of Sarah and James Norris Sr. was William Norris born 1877 in Cayuga County NY ., in Fair Haven Village , he married Jessie Hawn around 1910 they lived in Fort Plain . William was a Blacksmith in Fort Plain and died in 1927. Some time after 1880 some thing happened to James and Sarah Norris , i have not found them in any lists of any kind . I did find all there children living in Amsterdam NY in the Amsterdam Directory of 1887 , and 1893 directory .I have been looking for James Sr. and Sarah for 2 years and ive came to the conclusion the died in Fair Haven Village and are in unmarked graves some where there. My grand mother was one of the childern of James Norris Jr. and Mary Parmilia Pagie. My Grandmothers name was Mary Parmila Norris , born 1904 and died in 1977 . She married Willard Spencer Bouck who's family was from Schoharie.James and Mary Pagie also had a son James Benard Norris born 1902 and died in 1971 , he married Hilda Terwilliger , they are buried in Schylerville NY , Saratoga Co. I do beleave that James Norris Sr. left the NYC. area to find work which most people know was a good idea not to live in the city , because of deasease's and the lach of work and housing . At that time Aburn was really starting to grow and laborer's found plenty of work. I have know idea why the Norris childern left Cayuga County NY. and moved to Amsterdam with out there parents . William was only 10 yrs old . Although i continue to look for there parents James Sr. and Sarah Taylor i also work on other surnames in my Reasearch . Just to name twwo are Bouck and Pagie . Thank You for reading my Story , Have A Nice Day James G. Jimenez
Dec 17, 2007 · Reply