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Thomas Pearce, born 1 Jan. 1745 New York City, left Frederick Co. MD in late 1780's bound for KY. He served in the Rev. War in MD Infantry and was with the army at the surrender of Gen. Cornwallis on 19 Oct. 1781.

Living in Fleming Co. KY his first wife died and he married Elizabeth Collins in 1799. He and Elizabeth sold the land in Fleming Co. KY in July 1799 & headed for OH.

Thomas was the first white settler and built the fist log cabin in what is now East Market Street, Urbana, Champaign Co. OH. He was considered a squatter. several children by his first wife traveled with them and William (b/1801)who was possibly born on the trail. Their second son, Milton b/1803, was the first white child born in the Urbana area. In 1805, when the town of Urbana was to be layed out, Thomas moved his family to another location just north of town, where a City Building stands today, and built a second log home where he farmed, raising corn for the rest of his days. This home was later used as a school house, being the first school house in that area. Thomas' corn field later became a race track. Thomas died in June 1826 and is buried on the family farm. Thomas was the father of 19 children.

Source: History of Champaign Co. OH. Published in 1881.
Jan 05, 2003 · Reply
my moms [external link] grandmother maiden name was marion pearce ...married name is marion hodinger if anyone lnows anything about her or anyone in that family let me know
Dec 02, 2014 · Reply