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Riley Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 27, 2019


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Name Origin

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Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

William B. Riley and wife Irene C. Brady Riley and son Bernard Riley
Kathleen Riley , sister to Wm. B Riley - and she married Jimmy Michael s
all living in Saint Louis, Missouri

Early Rileys

These are the earliest records we have of the Riley family.

181 - Unknown
1670 - c. 1696
1678 - Unknown
1678 - 1748
1685 - Unknown
1736 - Unknown
1744 - Unknown
1753 - Unknown
1755 - Unknown
1759 - Unknown

Riley Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Riley Biographies

1845 - Unknown
Jan 27, 1894 - November 1973
Nov 5, 1913 - Aug 22, 1992
Dec 22, 1924 - Jan 14, 2007
May 15, 1904 - March 1984
Jul 25, 1895 - November 1976
Mar 8, 1947 - May 17, 2000
Apr 12, 1946 - Feb 26, 2009
Jul 17, 1895 - May 1979
Oct 8, 1908 - Apr 30, 1988
Dec 18, 1920 - Oct 31, 1998
Jun 29, 1912 - Sep 29, 2004
Mar 20, 1925 - Mar 7, 2009
Jun 3, 1907 - June 1975
c. 1969 - Unknown
c. 1960 - Unknown
c. 1962 - Unknown
Dec 31, 1969 - Dec 14, 1964
1886 - 1955
c. 1917 - Unknown

Riley Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Riley family member is 68.9 years old according to our database of 52,520 people with the last name Riley that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

68.9 years

Oldest Rileys

These are the longest-lived members of the Riley family on AncientFaces.

Nov 29, 1889 - Nov 19, 1999
109 years
Dec 10, 1880 - August 1989
108 years
May 6, 1900 - Oct 24, 2007
107 years
Feb 23, 1891 - Dec 15, 1998
107 years
Aug 12, 1874 - April 1982
107 years
Jan 27, 1878 - September 1985
107 years
Nov 14, 1895 - Jan 22, 2003
107 years
Jan 20, 1897 - Mar 3, 2004
107 years
Jan 20, 1897 - Mar 3, 2004
107 years
Jul 2, 1892 - Mar 23, 1998
105 years

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Kimberley Riley
1 favorite
Kevin Riley was a 62yr old man. He was the loving grandfather of Chloe Riley and Kimberley Riley and others. His sons, Kevin Riley and Mark Riley were unfortunately there when he passed away of cancer on july 2nd 2004! he is missed and will always be loved xxx
Jun 26, 2008 · Reply
Sue Parrish
3 favorites
My name is Sue Ann Parrish. I'm am one of six children born to Hillard Sylvester Riley and Doris Jean Blake. My father was very old when I was born. In his 70's, I believe. My brothers,sisters and I were taken away from our parents at a very young age. My mother doesn't have anything to do with any of her children. She now lives in some kind of home in Owensboro,KY. My father passed away, back in 2000 or 2001. I've always been curious as to where our family on my dad's side comes from. I don't even know my Grandparents name. I have four Beautiful children of my own now, and I would love to be able to tell them a little more about where the family name, Riley comes from. And a little about or family line. Please, If you have any thoughts on who might be his relatives, please let me know. I know that he was born in 1909 or 1911. Can't say for sure. I have no documents as to when he was born or who his parents were.
Jan 03, 2009 · Reply
Louise Mendez
9 favorites
I have been looking for my relatives for a long time. My mom is a Riley and I want to find out who my grandparents are or were.
Feb 03, 2009 · Reply
Pamela Daly
1 favorite
My mother was born Wilda Jean Riley in 1925 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, amd then raised in Joliet, Illinois. She was the only child of Gordon Edgar Riley and Zelda (nee Reeves). My mother told me stories about her father but I haven't been able to verify any of them, or really even come close to finding any information about Gordon Riley.

She told me he was the youngest Lieutenant in World War I, he had some sort of influence on some events in St. Joseph, Michigan, that his mother was of native american decent (Mohawk, I think) and her name was Minnie, and that he was the first Traffic Manager for RCA Victor (I have an Omega watch supposedly given to my grandmother for recognition of his service.)
Jul 12, 2009 · Reply
Sherri Robidoux
1 favorite
My grandfather came over from Ikestown, England Via Southhamptonshire on a ship called the Orca in the early 1900's probably around 1923. At the time he was 1 1/2 years old. His name was Arthur Riley and he settled in Jersey City and then in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey for the rest of his life. His father's name was Jonh Wilfred Riley and Mother's name was Caroline and her maiden was Roe. He lived in Jersey his whole life and he and my Grandmother kept in contact with his family in England. Now that he is gone the information is gone and I desperatly want to be able to contact these people. Not only for me, but for my children.
Anyone who has information about my grandparents or they are related, please let me know.
Thank you for any help you can.
Jan 16, 2010 · Reply

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