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Orgin of the Robbins comes from the Norsemen Vikings.


Robbins is spelled in many different ways: Robyns, Robyn, Ro-bins, Robin, Robbias, Robinus, Robbyns, Robens, and Robbins.

Name Origin

Origin: English/Scottish. The surnames that comes from Scotland in the Middle Ages. The name appears to be spelled in different ways. The 1st people to use the name Robbins were Strathclyde-Briton (one of the Celtic races who lived in the Scottish/English borderlands. The name Robbins is a pet form of Robert..

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Scottish and Irish

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Linda Daugherty commented on Dec 01, 2002
This is a stoty about George William Robbins B: @ 1814 m/Mahalu ? and his Line. I havent got back from him,I have info. from him forward. But I am Alway's researching to find more. I was told 3 brothers came to U.S. and as they traveled thru the Eastern State's to find a good place to farm and settle,they fell on hard times and were put in a debter's prison. When they got out they all went their seperate way's. I was told our Forfather went to Oklahoma(Indian Territory) And married a full blood Cherokee lady. Maybe someday I can finish the link's. Check out the url to see story and pictures.
Skylar Robbins commented on Jan 08, 2015
Lyndzee was not like most she was warm hearted kind and jenerous she was an 11 year old in a 30 year old body. She was beautiful. Her likes included farming with her family, trapping gophers, rolling bails, tractoring, riding her horse biscuit, changing sprinklers, checking ponds etc.... She was a full out country lover. She also loved seeing and crafts, she was amazing at it. On the side her and I (skylar Robbins) lived to Dance together, we where always practicing and in uniform. I won't spend all day in his but I can say she was a sister like no other and I wouldn't ask for it to be any other way. Lulu I love you. See you on the other side😍😘
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