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Gail Newtson commented on Dec 01, 2002
Jackson and Susie Clark lived in Oil Valley,Wayne Co.,KY.(formerly known as Coffey Valley until oil was discovered on the property in 1901.)They had 13 children. Jackson had quite a sense of humor and they say he was the reason the term "the Roberts giggle" was coined. It has been passed down through the generations. They are both buried on the "Old Homestead" property.
Gail Newtson commented on Dec 01, 2002
My great grandfather, William Obie Roberts always told this story of meeting my great grandmother Willie Mae Poore. Grandma had taken Miss Addie to church in the wagon and while they were there a storm had come up and a tree was blocking their path on the way home. Grandpa came up on them on horseback. He saw Grandma and he said "her black eyes were just a shinin'. He guided her horse and wagon around the tree. They were married on March 4, 1914 in a horse and buggy in Steubenville, KY.
Lynn Dart commented on Mar 19, 2014
I am looking for more info on a Franklin Roberts, born 1881 in Ma., father Peter, Mother, Philomene. Left Ma. in the year 1925, plus or minus. Looking for whereabouts after 1925 and where died.
Deborah Roberts commented on Jul 31, 2014
Hi my name is Deborah Roberts, My father was George Albert Roberts Sr. I am trying to locate all of my relatives. I know the Roberts names is large, i am hoping this site will help me find all of my family
LaJuana Morris commented on Sep 26, 2014
I am looking for the family of Joel Roberts of Oklahoma - He and my grandmother Naomis (McManus) Cooper had a daughter - Francine who recently passed. We are trying to reconnect with family. Joel and his brother dated the McManus sisters - I believe Joel passed in the mid 60s.
June Robinson commented on Sep 07, 2015
I am interested in Herbert Overall who m Janet Moncrieff in 1903 reg no 2163 as Janet is an aunt any info would be appreciated June Robinson
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