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I am a grandaughter of Lucy Kathlen Silver wife of Pierce Patrick Hynes of Richmond Melbourne Victoria. My mother was the first child of Lucy and Pierce born at Richmond in 1914. Her name was Gwendoline Ruth. There were 11 other siblings. Mollie is the only one listed here on Ancient Faces. I don't know the order of brth of all 12 aunts and uncles but there were 5 other girls ad six boys. Gwendoline(called Wendy or Gwen - my mother) who married David Henderson before WWII, Mollie, Leona, Francis, Judith ..and Margaret The boys were Kevin, John, Brian, Noel, Michael,...can't remember the last one...we were a very disconnected family. My parents lived on Nauru Island when I was pre school, they then returned to Melbourne where they began Divorce proceedings and I as put in boarding school with nuns when I was 7yrs of age.
I remember my Mum's Aunty Laura, I met her briefly. Mum called her "Aunty Tid".

My life led me overseas in my mid teens and I returned in my early 20's. I'd lost touch with all family on both sides.
My name is Robin Ruth Henderson.

Email [contact link].
I'm on Facebook if anyone wants to see what I look like today.
Apr 15, 2016 · Reply