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i would like to know more about my family history?my name is amanda underwood and i don't know much about my family as it is huge.please help me
Aug 25, 2007 · Reply

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Aug 25, 2007 · Reply
The story is that so many of my ancestors appear to have the same first name that detailing a ling of descent is near impossible without dates and places. For example: there are at least 5 Edwards, 4 or 5 Joseph, Thomas, and Robert along with Ernest. Looking through the pages here I find the same thing. How to deal with this is most interest. Thanks
Aug 01, 2008 · Reply
My name is Victor Davis, I was wondering if anyone out there has relatives with the same last name as my gg Dad and gg Mother:
George Underwood born in July 1850 and Married to Isabella Underwood. There residence was established in Davis & Diamond Island, Warren Mississippi.
They had a total of 11 children: George jr-7 yoa , Issabella-5, Alice-13, Susie-12, Lucinda-5,Franklin-5, Angie-3,John-1 and William Underwood-21. We have people in Memphis Tn and Yazoo City/ Yazoo County Mississippi. If you provide me with any information contact me at email address.We are preparing our 40th Family Reunion in St.Louis , Mo in 2011. contact has been made with relatives of GEORGE, Franlkin and William Underwood and We are in search of the relatives of the remaining silbings are: Alice, Susie, Lucinda, Isabelle, Angie and John and 2 other children.
Apr 25, 2010 · Reply