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Updated Jan 07, 2022


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George Wilcox commented on Jan 05, 2009
my family came from many cultures,my dad is a wicox from N.C.;We are the decendents of the first Prince of wales,we where from the McGreger clan;also Anglo-saxon dirvatioN.My ancestors was seated as DUKES& Earls of Suffolk,England,during the norman conquest in the midevil centurys and dobed as knights of the king of France & England.
My mother family was Smith's & Acord's.The Smiths are from England,I know little about that history She also is from N.C ,My mothers moma is an Acord; My Grandpa was from Slabfork,W.Va.,Wilbert Haven Acord is my grandma Smiths 'daddy.My great," " ,grandpa was John "Old Jack"Acord occrding to my grandma Jessie (dudley)"Acord"Smith, Granpa John lived to be 114 yrs.old,his son John Acord lived to be 117 yrs.old and was one of the first settlers of Raleigh County,W.Va,his mother was from Germany,she was captured by the Sioux Indians and according to my Grandma Smith ,she was rescued from a Comanche warriar,son of a Comanche chief gave birth to my greatttttgrampa Acord,one part of my Acord ancestery which we are not proud of is ,we are related to Erwin Rommel (The Dessert Fox)who "was" the Field General to Adulf Hitler during WWI,like I said the Acords are not proud of it.Also my Grandma Francis Cook Acord is related to an outlaw who rode with William Quantrell ;His name was John W.Birtchfield.His picture my grandma Smith showed me ,he had a round cowboy hat w/stars around it and him holding to pistols in front of him.Also;on my dad side of the family my Grrreat Grandpa George Wilcox was raised by Squire Boone,Daniel Boones father and he married Daniel Boones sister Sarah Boone.
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