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Updated Aug 24, 2022


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Justin Zimmerman commented on Jul 08, 2007

I am having difficulty finding information on my family history. My father is Nathan Zimmerman; his father is Donald Zimmerman (Nov. 6, 1912 - June 12, 1964 Los Angeles, California). My great grandfather is Edward Zimmerman (born 1883 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). My great-great grandfather would be Charles Zimmerman, a Prussian Army officer who eloped with Johanna Bernstein and boarded a ship to Philadelphia.

Due to my grandparents divorce while my father was very young, this is the extent of all the family-history knowledge. I have no more significant dates I could share to narrow things down and have found this problematic. If you have any insight into my family history I would be grateful for the information. It would be nice to know something about my family.

Jennifer Holland commented on Nov 02, 2007
On my mother's side, the only information I have is: My mother (Donna Zimmerman) My uncle (Richard Zimmerman) Another uncle(Thomas Zimmerman) Another uncle (Michael Zimmerman) My aunt (Denise Zimmerman)My grandfather (Richard Zimmerman) and his two sisters (Nancy Zimmerman) and (Doris Zimmerman) If anyone has any information or any possible links, please contact me.
Diana Smith commented on Jan 14, 2008
Lorraine Bennett (maiden name) Bennetts blessed with goodie, goodie origin.
(source: laminated paper clipping obitsuary)

Singer Tony Bennett carries a surname derived from the latin Benedictus, Bennett. A common personal name from the 12th century, evolved to become a common surname up thru-out the 20th century. The name Bennett is said to derive from the old french name Benoit and Berneit, which is france is now Benne. There is also a Germanic Bennett family whereby the name is traced to the ancient personal name of Bernhardt. The word deriviation is from latin benedictus meaining "blessed or a good person". Early English records indicate that the Bennetts were an ancient family in the Pye house, Country Wiltshire, of which a pedigree of 13 descendants is recorderd in the college of arms.

One was the secretary of Prince Rupert. The name came into general use during the reign of Edward the II. A Robertus Benite in the York Subsidy rolls a tax assessment dated 1301. There were many early amercan settlers "blessed" with the name of Bennet, James Bennett arived in Concord Mass, as a freeman in 1639. Richard Benett settled in Virginia in 1626 and became govenor of the state in 1652.

During the 1800s, Sir William Stendalle Bennett was a famous English pianist composer and intimate friend of Mendelssohn, In this country, James Gorrdon Bennett born in Scottland founded the New york Herald. His son was resposible for Stanleys trek to Africa in search of Lingston.

There are many heraldic grants to the English Bennetts but very few to the family who claim orgin from Germany. The illustrated coat of arms was granted in England and shows a divided shield of silver and gold upon which a red eagle is displayed.

(source: family lore)
Lorraine Bennett (maiden name) is decended from the German line.
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