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Andrew Mcallister Foster
Feb 14, 1866 - 1942
Andrew Thomas Blackburn
Apr 18, 1811 - November 1890
Bedford Leon Foster
Oct 28, 1877 - Sep 13, 1923
Muskogee, OK, United States
Delila (Cole) Duvall
Dec 7, 1883 - Apr 24, 1975
Della Alice Foster
Feb 14, 1862 - 1870
Delma Sue (Jenkins) Foster-Casey
Feb 8, 1891 - Apr 22, 1976
Evaline Foster
1869 - 1907
Fardel Foster
Born: 1872
Florence Edna Duvall Buchanan - Foster
Mar 3, 1922 - Aug 29, 2013
Francis Eddings-Blackburn
Aug 11, 1811 - Mar 10, 1887
John Wesley Foster
Died: May 12, 1920
John W. Foster
Feb 2, 1808 - 1893
Mary Frances Foster
Jan 24, 1859 - Aug 9, 1939
Mary Katherine "Tude" Foster - Curtis
Jan 17, 1919 - Jan 12, 2002
Paul Leon Foster
Jan 19, 1916 - Oct 14, 1988
Broken Arrow, OK, United States
Sarah Jane Foster
Born: Feb 4, 1854
Susan Lenora "Lee" Foster - Crenshaw
May 5, 1915 - Feb 27, 2004
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Carelen Foster Delma Sue Jenkins- Foster-Casey, Bakersfield, CA unsure date.
Feb 28, 2018 · posted to the photo Delma Sue Jenkins - Foster-Casey
Carelen Foster Florence Edna Duvall went to Bagley Elementary in Lost City, OK (ne of Hulbert) where she grew up. She graduated at 17 in 1939 in Tahlequah, OK. She gave birth to her first son as Jimmie Darryl Buchanan (who's birth father was Howard E. Featherston of Muskogee, OK her first husband out of high school). She and Paul Leon Foster also from Muskogee, OK were married while he was in the Military from 1942-his death in 1988. They were the parents of three more children. She was a born again Christian and when the Pastor's would let her they let her give the sermon while attending church. She also had a beautiful voice to sing and whistle with. Her husband Paul would play his guitar by ear while she sang and led the singing during church service. She got her drivers license at the age of 44 and worked for 22 years at Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK in the new born nursery. After retirement she went to Bible School and graduated with as an Ordain Minister with Victory Christian Church, Tulsa, OK. Abt that time Paul Leon was ill with Pancreatic Cancer and she had to put her ministry on hold until his death in 1988. Though by the this time she had aged and kept close to her children until her death in 2013. From where she came this lady had gone a long way with her life. Her most important goal was to make sure her children knew the Lord as she did and was happy with their choices. Love you mom, forever
Feb 23, 2018 · posted to the person Florence Edna Duvall Buchanan - Foster
Feb 23, 2018 · posted to the person Bedford Leon Foster
Carelen Foster Paul Leon Foster and wife Florence Edna Duvall-Buchanan Foster
Feb 23, 2018 · posted to the photo Florence and Paul Leon Foster
Carelen Foster Paul Leon Foster, Army, Head Baker for the POW's and Chauffeured General where needed. . 9206th Corps TSU Transportation Cp Stoneman California 1942-1946
Feb 23, 2018 · posted to the photo Paul Leon Foster