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Updated: March 25, 2015

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Julia May Starling
Julia May Starling
A photo of Julia May Starling, AKA Julia M King Bookmyer, my grandfather's mother, was an actress. I put her photo here so maybe people can give me an opinion as to if she is the same woman as Maria Champion.
People in photo include: Julia May Starling
Date & Place: in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California United States
Floyd H Brinkman
Floyd H Brinkman
A photo of Floyd H Brinkman
Elizabeth Nourse (Goodwin) Girard Mohr
Elizabeth Nourse (Goodwin) Girard Mohr
A photo what is likely Chico High School. Elizabeth Nourse Goodwin (1919-TBD) is next to the driver. Other names appear to be Jackson ?, Jim Day, Myrtle L?, Alcia ?, Herb B.?
Date & Place: in Chico, Butte County, California United States
Arlene Gallagher
Arlene Gallagher
A photo of Arlene Gallagher
Florence Wolf Sicher
Florence Wolf Sicher
A photo of Florence Wolf Sicher with her son Charles and unknown little boy in their store, Sicher Grocery Company.
People in photo include: Charles Sicher
Date & Place: at Sicher Grocery Company in Marine City, St Clair County, Michigan 48039, United States
 Leon Hart Doudna
Leon Hart Doudna
A photo of Leon Hart Doudna
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