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Updated: January 23, 2022

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Tynesha Devonna Stewart
Tynesha Devonna Stewart's death was featured on the podcast "They Will Kill" Episode 10. But this bright light was so much more than the circumstances surrounding the end of her life. Tynesha was born on July 10, 1987 in Galveston TX to Gale Laverne Glenn. She was one of six children and her father died when she was just 6 yrs old. But she had brains and ambition and while in high school, she managed the girls’ basketball team and participated in other extra-curricular activities, all while juggling a part time job. She graduated from Nimitz High School and was in the top ten percent of her class. In 2005, she won a scholarship in which she was one of 15 ,ersity studying Civil and Chemical Engineering. While Tynesha was 16 and still in high school, she met Timothy Shepherd, age 24, and he became her boyfriend. But her family says that she became afraid of him and when she went to college, they broke up. (It seems that Timothy didn't accept the break up and the fact that she subsequently began to date someone else and he would often call her, sometimes several times a day.) When Tynesha was on Spring Break, she returned home and saw Timothy at his apartment. That was the last time anyone heard from her. In the end, Shepherd admitted to killing her, dismembering her body, and barbecuing the parts on 2 barbeques on his apartment balcony. He is now in prison (there is an article about the sad end to her life below). But Tynesha should be remembered not for the end of her short life but for how she affected others. The article (below) about her celebration of life captures the true nature of her existence. She was remembered for her "electrifying smile," salty spirit and dogged determination to succeed.
Kristin Huggins - 1987 Pennsbury High School
Kristin Huggins - 1987 Pennsbury High School
The Senior Class 1987 Pennsbury High School yearbook photo. It reads:
Kristin Huggins Sports Nite, Who's Who, Interact Club, Foreign Lang. Club, Winter Track, National Honor Society, "MIK - IT'S BEEN GREAT SHARING LEADERSHIP OF THE C.C.C. WITH YOU!! NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR YARD! C.K.
Date & Place: at Pennsbury High School - East 705 Hood Blvd, in Fairless Hills, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 19030, United States
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Kristin G Huggins
Kristin Gale Huggins was born to James George Huggins (born 1944). James was born in New Jersey and Kristin had one brother. A talented mural artist, Kristin excelled while attending Pennsbury High School. On the morning of December 17, 1992, twenty-two year old Kristin Huggins drove her red Toyota MR2 sports car from her parents' home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to the Trenton Club in downtown Trenton, New Jersey.   She intended to paint a mural, but was never able to perform that task. When Huggins did not return home on December 17th, her parents immediately reported her missing. It turned out that Ambrose Harris was determined that he would commit a holdup and enlisted Gloria Dunn to assist him. Just out of prison after serving 13 years, Harris spotted Kristin Huggins drive her Toyota into the parking lot of the Trenton Club, and announced β€œI’m going to get that b****.” He accosted Ms. Huggins, commandeered her car, and drove off after his accomplice, Gloria Dunn, joined them in the car. Harris drove to a deserted area under a bridge near Route One and Perry Street, where he forced Kristin Huggins into the trunk. He then drove around in the car, eventually returning to the area under the bridge. There, he took Kristin out of the trunk and raped her. He then put her back in the trunk, and shot her in the back of the head. He hid the body under a mattress in the deserted area. Harris then left to get a shovel to bury her body. When he returned, he shot her again, this time in the face, to be sure she was dead. He then dug a shallow grave in which he and his accomplice buried Kristin Huggins. The killing took place Dec. 17, 1992, and the victim’s body wasn't found until Feb. 18, 1993. Gloria Dunn -- apparently hoping to collect the posted $25,000 reward -- contacted the police months after the murder, claiming to be a psychic who could lead them to the missing young woman. Her dubious story quickly unraveled, and she confessed to her role in the kidnapping and slaying of Huggins, after leading police to her badly decomposed body. By the time he was tried, convicted and given the death sentence for her murder, Harris was already serving a life term in prison, required to spend 30 years in jail without parole as a persistent offender for an unrelated 1993 armed robbery conviction. According to news accounts, when Harris was sentenced in 1996, he was asked if he had anything to say to his victim’s parents, who were in the courtroom . Harris turned and suggested that Huggins’ parents apologize to him. His outburst caused the judge to remove him from the courtroom. Ambrose Harris remains on death row, having added another murder to his resume. While on Death Row, Harris attacked and killed another Death Row inmate, Robert β€œMudman” Simon, a beefy, scraggly long-haired and long-bearded 48-year-old outlaw biker, with several previous murder convictions. Simon was convicted in 1974 for killing his girlfriend after she refused to cooperate in her gang rape by Simon’s friends and fellow Warlocks. While serving time for that heinous murder at Graterford Prison in Philadelphia, he knifed and killed another inmate in 1984. Like his future killer, Simon pleaded self-defense and was acquitted. Despite his two killings, Simon was paroled. Only 11 weeks later, Simon murdered police Sgt. Ippolito (Lee) Gonzalez in Gloucester County, New Jersey. This third murder earned him the death penalty but that was changed to life in prison without the possibility of parole after the death penalty was abolished in New Jersey in 2007. In 2020, Oxygen True Crime reported on this horrendous crime and Kristen's family's reaction. See β€˜She Never Deserved It’: . See a December, update to the story, including the final disposition of the killers, at Where are Ambrose Harris and Gloria Dunn Now?.
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