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I haven't shared details about my family.

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Updated: October 1, 2015

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William Henthorne
William Henthorne
A photo of William Henthorne
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Ormsby Village Band
Ormsby Village Band
Louisville and Jefferson county , Kentucky Children's Home Band . My Uncle Robert is playing baritone next to the drum on the left. My dad, Bradley and 2 brothers grew up in the Home.
People in photo include: Roy Robinson, Charles Haynes, Homer Ware, Robert Rafferty, George Settle, John Wyck, Chick Lehring, Jim Settle, Gilbert Scales, and Elmer Sewell
Unknown Movie star
Unknown Movie star
Definitely a Hollywood actor, probably in the 30s or 40s. See my next photo for him in a car on the set with some of my family members and other actors.

who is it?
Elmer Szafranski
Elmer Szafranski
A photo of my grandfather, Elmer Szafranski, who is the 4th man from the left. My mom says it's from his "tour of Germany" he helped liberate Dachau concentration camp
People in photo include: Elmer Szafranski
Unknown boy
Unknown boy
A photo of an unknown boy - a "petit zouave"
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