Frank Edward Kroetch (1927 - 2001)

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Born March 26, 1927 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington
Died July 11, 2001 in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington at 74 years old. The cause of death is listed as: Heart Failure
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Compared to other Kroetches
Frank lived 3 years longer than the average Kroetch.

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Father: Hollis Joseph Kroetch
Mother: Dorothy (Ferguson) Kroetch
Siblings: Elaine Marguerite (Kroetch) Bell Gillett, Hollis Frederick Kroetch, and Juanita Maryjane "Norma" Kroetch

Wife: Marian Joyce (Benning) Kroetch
Children with Marian: Kathleen Rae (Kroetch) Pinna and Pamela (Kroetch) Marks

Wife: Carol (Antonsen) Kroetch


Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington


College Degree - attended the University of Washington and graduated from San Jose State College


Frank was an entrepreneur and businessman.

Military Service

Navy - World War II. Served on the USS Killen.


Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington
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Cause of death

Heart Failure

Burial / Funeral

Bellingham, WA


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Last Known Residence

Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington

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Middle name



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United States






Dad was never baptized (as far as I know) and has no burial site because he was cremated and his ashes distributed between his wife and two daughters. He was a very smart man (with an IQ that tested between 165 and 185) and good looking - charismatic! He was a life-long entrepreneur, having attended the University of Washington (after serving in the Navy in World War Two) and graduating from San Jose State University. He lived in both California (where his daughters were born) and Washington (where he was born and died).

He was quite a human being and we all miss him every day!

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Family History

Frank Edward Kroetch (1927 - 2001) was born on March 26, 1927 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington. He was born into the Kroetch family.

He was born to Hollis Joseph Kroetch and Dorothy (Ferguson) Kroetch, and had 3 known siblings: Elaine Marguerite (Kroetch) Bell Gillett, Hollis Frederick Kroetch, Juanita Maryjane "Norma" Kroetch. Frank married Marian Joyce (Benning) Kroetch and they had 2 known children together: Kathleen Rae (Kroetch) Pinna, and Pamela (Kroetch) Marks. Frank later married Carol (Antonsen) Kroetch. He died on July 11, 2001 in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington at 74 years of age. His family lists the cause of death as: heart Failure.

He was buried in Cremation, Bellingham, WA.

Frank Edward Kroetch's last known residence is at Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.

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Frank Edward Kroetch was an entrepreneur, intelligent, and a well-loved man.

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Daniel Pinna My grandfather, Frank Kroetch, was a great man. I know it is common for people to say this about their grandparents, but I truly believe had I not been related, I would still think the same.

Frank was an entrepreneur gifted with a brilliant mind. I will always hold him fondly in my mind.
Jan 23, 2013 · Reply
Daniel Pinna Frank Kroetch was my grandfather and I miss him every day.
Mar 05, 2013 · Reply
Daniel Pinna I specifically recall visiting him every summer while I was a young boy - traveling from California to Washington. It was always so great to spend time with him at his home with the extended family.
Mar 05, 2013 · Reply
Kathy Pinna you remember trying to find gold near the railroad tracks at his house? or digging clams with grandpa and ted?
Mar 05, 2013 · Reply
Daniel Pinna I remember digging clams on the shores of the Puget Sound in Washington, but until you mentioned it (honestly!) I forgot about looking for gold on the railroad tracks! Why were we looking for gold on railroads? Did some fall of the trains during the gold rush?
Mar 05, 2013 · Reply
Kathy Pinna LOL . . . no, just you being a kid. There was quartz along the tracks, with gold colored veins. You brought the rocks to grandpa and said that you found gold. He humored you and said that gold and quartz ARE found together!
Mar 16, 2013 · Reply
Daniel Pinna Happy Birthday Grandpa. Today was like any other day, and I didn't remember that March 26th was when you were born, until your daughter reminded me. :)

You would have been 88 this year (2015). Thank you for such great memories while I was growing up and for always being 'around', even after death. We are proud of you too.
Mar 26, 2015 · Reply
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