1948 London Olympics - Torch Bearer

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The 1948 London Olympic Torch Bearer John Mark.

The Olympic flame was lit in Greece and carried through countries still scarred by he second world war. It arrived in Dover upon a British destroyer. 50,000 people watched the first British leg of the relay. The route from Dover to Wembley passed through the following towns :- Dover, Canterbury, Charing, Maidstone, Westerham, Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Guildford, Bagshot, Ascot, Windsor, Slough, and Uxbridge.

The weather was blazing hot that day. This was the second time London welcomed athletes and hosted the Olympics. 2012 will mark the third time.

Arrival of the King and was accompanied by ED Strum The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Lord Burghley of the organizing committee. Next commenced the march of the competing teams, which was led by Greece. They marched in alphabetical order, however Great Britain came last.

7,000 pigeons were released, signalling peace in the land.

The torch itself was brought into the stadium by John Mark. John was a British athlete chosen for his good looks.

John Mark received education at Cranleigh School where he excelled at athletics, and won a place to study at the University of Cambridge. While at Cambridge he was a noted athlete and rugby forward, though missed out on achieving his Blue due to injury. He served as President of the Cambridge University Athletic Club.

In 1947 Mark finished fourth in the AAA 440 yards and was selected to represent the United Kingdom in the 400 meters in Paris. He also won two AAA silver medals in the relay.

In late 1947, Mark was on the British shortlist for selection for the 400 meters at the forthcoming London Olympics.

After the 1948 London Olympics, Mark worked as a General Practitioner in a rural practice in Liss in Hampshire until his retirement. He died of a stroke on December 8, 1991.

1948 London Olympic Torch Information
Length: 47 cm
Weight: 960 gr

Torches total: 1.688
Design by: Ralph Lavers
Date of the torch relay: 17. July - 29. July 1948
Numbers of runners: 1.416
Distance total: 3.160 km
Name of last runner: John Marks
Special torch: Last runner
at Wembley Stadium, London, England United Kingdom


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