Class of 1900  Chicago Normal School Brown family photo
Laurie Buzzard

Class of 1900 Chicago Normal School

Chicago Normal School
Back row left to right Birdie Brown, Mamie Sceeney?, Ellen Heed, Irene Lyons, Jennie Leg, Julia Holden, Kittie Kerns, Bertha Shirt, Irene Darcy
2nd row, Nellie Hayes, ....McCarty, Mable Dherty, Nora Coffee, Julia Tuohy, Maggie Stokes, France Gardener
3rd row, Emily Micsas, ...McCarty, Kittie Kohl, Anna Kilbridge, Margaret Dillon, Alice Winters
Front row; Kellie {?} Barton, May Bolt {?}, May Burd ot Burt{?}

My great grandmother Annie Shrive was a teacher at the Chicago Normal School. Julia Holden and Maggie Stokes were related to her.
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Photo taken at Chicago Normal School Chicago, Cook County, IL
Class of 1900  Chicago Normal School

Maggie Stokes

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Maggie Stokes  ·  Julia Holden  ·  Birdie Brown  ·  Mamie Sceeney  ·  Ellen Heed  ·  Irene Lyons  ·  Jennie Leg  ·  Kittie Kerns  ·  Bertha Shirt  ·  Irene Darcy  ·  Nellie Hayes  ·  Mable Dherty  ·  Nora Coffee  ·  Julia Tuohy  ·  France Gardener  ·  Emily Micsas  ·  Kittie Kohl  ·  Anna Kilbridge  ·  Margaret Dillon  ·  Alice Winters  ·  Kellie Barton