Group in Worcester England Davis family photo
Janice Davis

Group in Worcester England

This is a 1898 photo, Eliza Davis (nee Preston) is on the bottom left corner. I believe that it is a photo of women in a workhouse in Worcester, but I have not confirmed that yet. Eliza's age was about 45 years at the time of the photo. 1898 was one year before her son William was sent to Canadaas a Home Child. Eliza's husband John Davis had died 8 years prior and the children were being cared for by her mother-in-law, Hanna Davis (EWINS). Eliza and John had 4 boys, Alfred, George, William and James. One girl died as a baby. ... show more

The Mystery

What group is this? Where is it taken? Is it a work house or a church group?

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I have a photo like this in our history,
And they are called Mothers women, Mother is the Founder of our Order.This is a church group and mission rescue/home of Women,
We have some names, a list of Her Women.
Feb 21, 2003 10:09 pm reply
Photo taken on
Group in Worcester England

Eliza Davis (Preston)

Born: 1853
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Eliza Davis (Preston) at 45 years old