Jesse & Marcus Rupert, OH & unk Civil War Vet Rupert family photo
Anne Rupert

Jesse & Marcus Rupert, OH & unk Civil War Vet

Jesse & Marcus Rupert with unknown Old Civil War Vet - Columbiana Ohio: This we do know - the two young Scouts on each side - Jesse Soloman Rupert(left) and Marcus Roy Rupert (right) ,brothers. This photo was carefully framed in a green 4 leaf clover frame and saved by the Ruperts to date. It wasstated this old Civil War vet was receiving possibly the Congressional Medal of Honor at this time. On hat appears to say 88th OVI?. There are no direct Ruperts that served in Civil War. Who is this old Vet? ... show more

The Mystery

Who is old Civil War Vet in photograph?

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Daniel Pinna This is a great photo! The small size doesn't allow for me to analyze the medals on the civil war veteran. Have you been able to identify the medals? Perhaps a clue...
Reply posted May 06, 2012 9:14 pm
Photo taken at Columbiana Ohio, Columbiana, Columbiana County, Ohio USA
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