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Teodulfo David Dizon is a native of Bical in the San Pedro District of the Philippine Islands. He accompanied his employer, an American officer, to the USA as a fifteen-year-old and was never to return. He married Estella Munoz, and together they raised four sons in San Antonio TX who made an indelible mark on American society and culture. Dolfo grew up to be one of the pioneer researchers in the NASA space program. Manuel went on to become a middleweight boxing title contender. Daniel was a WWII war hero and returned to the Philippines to find the Dizons having perished in a Japanese Death March. Fred pursued a career in the USMC as a drill instructor, training recruits for service in Korea and Vietnam.

His grandson, John Reinhard Dizon, wrote a highly-fictionalized, entertaining account of his life in his novel "Generations II". It is available at:

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Daniel Pinna What a story - thanks for sharing! Do you know approximately when this photo might have been taken?
Apr 17, 2014 · Reply
John Reinhard Dizon Well, the oldest son was born in 1919. Since Teodulfo came here as a fifteen-year-old, I'd assume this was shortly before or after he and Stella were married. That would lead me to believe this was taken between 1918-1920.
Apr 18, 2014 · Reply
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