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Families researching: Blanchard, Borkos, Chaney, Crompton, D'Hont, Dawson, Denner, Eggelson, Eggleson, Evans, Farko, Fought, Gorman, Hand, Jennings, Jeremiah, Kerr, Kihm, Manning, Markus, Mcfarland, Millice, Mott, Neer, Oggenfuss, Robbins, Thorpe, Vandolah, Warner, Werner, Whicker, Wynant

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Barb Crompton Dear Kenneth: thank you for posting this crest. Do you happen to have any information about it? What it means? Where the Blanchards for whom this crest was created lived? My husbands family is Blanchard. Out at Rootsweb there is a very extensive Blanchard genealogy which happens to be husbands line. Are you familiar with it? I am away from that data base and therefore can not give you very many names, but Georgiana Blanchard married George Washington Mott is the one I know off hand. They were from Canada around the Kitley area in Ontario. Please feel free to email me directly, if you wish. Sincerely yours, Barb
Nov 09, 2004 · posted to the photo Blanchard Family Crest
Barb Crompton Dear Glenna: I have been researching the Thorp(e)/Eggelson family connection for sometime now. I have not found much. When I saw Eagleson, a spelling I had considered, and Thorp together I couldn't resist making contact. I was wondering if you have in your collection, the names Dudley Thorpe and Angeline Eggelson or Eagleson. Thank you for looking. Dudley is supossedly from out east, New York or Connecticut, and I don't know much about Angeline. To further assist you their daughters name was Clarissa Thorpe and she married William Whicker. Both were born in Ohio and both of them, their parents moved them to the Dekalb County, Indiana area in the 1830's and it is there that they met and married. Thank you for your time. Barb
Sep 12, 2004 · posted to the photo Mary Caroline (Stever) Eagleson
Barb Crompton Hi, Nancy. I have Motts from Elizabethtown, Ontario, as well. I do not see any familiar names from what information you have above, but would like to explore a connection from other angles. Please feel free to email me. Thank you and good luck. Barb
Sep 12, 2004 · posted to the photo My Mott Grandparents