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Updated Aug 01, 2022


The Evans name results from the Act of Union in 1536. As the English gained more and more political control of Wales, the practice of surnames increased. However, the patronymic naming system lasted in rural parts of Wales well into the 18th, even the early 19th, centuries.

Name Origin

son of Evan (Ifan in Welsh)

Spellings & Pronunciations

Ifans (original Welsh); pronunciation: ee-vuns

Nationality & Ethnicity

Wales, various sections

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Holly Evans commented on Dec 01, 2002
Joel J. EVANS was born on June 28, 1820 in Georgia, probably Gwinnett County. He was the son of John EVANS, who was born in Georgia about 1790, and Rebecca JONES Evans, who was born about 1799 also in Georgia. John and Rebecca were married in Morgan County, Georgia on March 19, 1816. Rebecca was the daughter of Joel JONES and Nancy MIDDLETON Jones who were married in Richmond County, Georgia on July 3, 1792. The EVANS family was in Gwinnett County for the 1820 census. By 1830 they were in Newton County, Georgia where Joel's grandfather, Joel JONES, died in 1831. By the 1840 census, the family had moved to Walker County, Georgia. In 1843, the EVANS family was in Pulaski County, Arkansas, living near what became the present day town of Cabot. When Prairie County was formed, this area became a part of the new county. The EVANS family at this time consisted of John, Rebecca, Joel and Joel's sisters: Cyntha, Martha, Sarah, and May. A brother and sister of Rebecca JONES Evans also moved with the EVANS family to Arkansas. Joel JONES, Jr. with his wife, Esther COLEMAN Jones and family, and Nancy JONES Snow with her Husband Levi Snow and family, located to Prairie County from Georgia. Joel EVANS married Emily SWAIM in Pulaski County in 1847. Emily was the daughter of William SWAIM and his wife Polly. Joel and Emily had six children: Mary, Rebecca J., Nancy, Minnie, Cyntha, and John. Emily died before the 1860 census was taken. Joel's father, John EVANS, had written his will in 1850 and it was entered into Prairie County records in 1852. Joel EVANS enlisted in Company C, Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles in October, 1861 at Flat Creek, Missouri. This company included many men from Prairie County. In the early part of November 1861, the Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles were camped at Camp Sevier, Missouri. Their next move was to Camp Stephens, close to Bentonville, Arkansas. In December 1861, one hundred thirty men from companies A, B, C, & E of the Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles, along with about 1,500 other men, engaged in a battle with more than 1,700 Native Americans who were Union sympathizers. The Confederate forces were led by Col. McIntosh. The Native Americans were led by Creek Chief Hopoeithleyohola. This battle took place in present day Osage County, Oklahoma. The Native Americans suffered great losses and were forced back. The Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles were camped in the mountains of northwest Arkansas for the winter in very bitter weather. Joel's muster roll states that he was absent,sick, from February 20, 1862. Joel was released from the muster rolls in July, 1862. Joel EVANS remarried to Catherine RUDDLE Wylie between 1863 and 1865. Catherine was the daughter of James J. RUDDLE and his wife, Elizabeth. Catherine was the widow of David T. WYLIE, who was killed at the battle before Helena, Arkansas, July 4, 1863. They had three children: Franklin Elihue, David, and Mary. Catherine had five children with Joel EVANS: Joel Jr., Emily S., Allie, Martha, and Charles. Catherine EVANS passed away on December 25, 1890. In 1902, Joel applied for a Confederate pension from the State of Arkansas. He stated that he lived at Cabot, Arkansas, and was 82 years old, feeble, generally dibilitated and unable to provide for his own support. He also stated that his left leg was withered and perished as a result of a knife wound. Proof of Service by a Comrade was provided by former Arkansas governor, James P. EAGLE. He was the nephew of Joel's first wife, Emily SWAIM. Joel served under James P. EAGLE in the Civil War. On October 4, 1906; Joel Evans was one of nine Confederate veterans to attend the dedication of Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery at Cabot. In 1910, Joel was living with his son, Charles EVANS and family in Caroline Township in Lonoke County, Arkansas. Joel died on January 6, 1912. The newspaper, "The Lonoke Democrat," stated that Mr. J. J. EVANS was the oldest man living in Lonoke County at the time of his death. Joel EVANS is buried in the EVANS Family Cemetery in Cabot, Lonoke County, Arkansas. THE END
Shirley Wells commented on Nov 08, 2003
Temperence Evans was born in 1810 in South Carolina. She had a brother named William. As children, they watched behind bushes as their parents were killed by Indians. This could have happened in Georgia. I would like to know who her parents were and also read about this murder. On Jan. 19, 1831, "Tempy" married John "Brinkley" Burks in Newton Co., Georgia, where their three oldest children were born. They were Joel, Mastin Milton (my g-gf) and William Pulaski Burks. In 1835, the Burks family moved to China Grove, Pike Co., Alabama. Brinkley was a farmer and large landowner; they were members of Old Union Primitive Baptist Church (now in Bullock Co.) Eight or nine more children were born to them there. They were Martha Elizabeth, Temperence, Margaret, Mary, James Brinkley, Frederick, Susan and Jemima Burks. Tempy Evans Burks died in June 1873. Brinkley died Aug. 8, 1888; both were buried in Old Union Cemetery, across the road from the church, along with other family members.
Helen Hoke commented on Nov 15, 2008
DAVID EVANS married SARAH CATHERINE FREEMAN March 02, 1849 in Shenandoah Co, VA. Any one related please contact me at [contact link].
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